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eMedals-WWI CEF Sewing Kit

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WWI CEF Sewing Kit

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WWI CEF Sewing Kit

WWI CEF Sewing Kit - Fabricated from a green-tinged khaki canvas, inside stamped with the Canadian Broad Arrow insignia and maker stamped "THE 2 MACS, LIMITED 1918 OTTAWA" above three pockets. Top pocket has a small white cotton satchel with two metal and eight plastic buttons enclosed, plus a large safety pin closure; middle pocket has three items: an open-ended thimble (metal, 21 mm in diameter at the wide end x 15.8 mm in height, surface rust evident), a wad of gray wool thread and a paper packet of needles (marked "USE J. & P. COATS' BEST SIX CORD SPOOL COTTON AND CLARKS' HIGH CLASS EMBROIDERY THREADS", housing five needles of various lengths), plus an needle with white thread attached fed through the pocket's outer lining; bottom pocket has two spools of thread (both are wooden spools, one with white thread, maker label missing, 34 mm x 36 mm, the other with black thread, maker label inscribed "J. & P. COATS, 200 YARDS, 10, 6 CORD" on one end, labelled "CHAIN, THE CANADIAN SPOOL COTTON CO. SUCCrs" on the other end, 33 mm x 44.8 mm. Cover end has two white cotton ties attached and when the kit is rolled, the ties enable the kit to be secured firmly shut protecting its contents, 120 mm x 350 mm overall, light staining on the exterior at the flap end, extremely fine.
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