Client Testimonials

Jason Burmeister

Military Antiques Ltd.

Through a business colleague, I was introduced to Barry of eMedals approximately ten years ago. Since then, I've dealt with Barry on numerous occasions and have always found him to be professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with.

Dietrich Maerz, MI

Author and Publisher B&D Publishing LLC

I know Barry as a very sincere and straightforward dealer who is doing the utmost to guarantee the authenticity of the items he is selling. He is also most helpful as a collector friend in providing photographs and actual items for my ongoing research. As far as I can report it, his service is uncomplicated and straightforward. He is one of the good guys!

Andreas M. Schulze Ising, Sewickley, PA, USA

Barry has been the rising star in the medal and decorations business. He created one of the premier platforms in the military antiques industry, with an assortment of highest quality medals and military collectibles from around the world. Even with his enormous knowledge he never shies away from consulting with his colleagues and the local experts to provide one of the best and most solid offerings within the global market.

Doug Field Duncan, BC

Author and Publisher B&D Publishing LLC

As a collector for over 35 years, I have dealt with Barry and eMedals since its early days and consider Barry to be a man of true honesty and integrity. eMedals itself reflects Barry’s qualities, and in my opinion is a premiere Medals site for offering military collectibles from the most common to the very rarest from around the world. Barry and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to help. I look at his site daily not only to add items to my personal collection but to view pictures and read descriptions of military collectibles that one rarely sees. The website is like visiting a museum. His offerings are second to none for quality, rarity, and authenticity, and at reasonable prices. Without hesitation, I would recommend Barry and eMedals as an important part of ones collecting experience to any and all collectors.

W. Robert Houston, PhD

Mobile, Alabama

I have been collecting medals and orders since 1974. I have dealt with eMedals for many years, though I have only had the pleasure of meeting Barry once at an OMSA convention. I have found Barry and his people to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and efficient. The selection of materials is excellent. I really cannot recommend Barry and eMedals more highly.

Stephen Previtera

Author of Iron Cross, The Blue Max, Luftwaffe Badges and Flight Clasps, Imperial Sky Volume I Flight Badges of the Imperial German

Barry Turk is not only a solid dealer, but a man who stands by his word. Trust is the critical element in any militaria transaction and Barry has dedicated his business to building that trust along with building his business. I have sent customers his way because I believe he will serve them well. He has, and my recommendation stands.

Christian Lehrle

Bene Merenti

Ich habe Barry als seriösen und angenehmen Geschäftsführer von eMedals kennengelernt und freue mich, Ihn auf diversen internationalen Messen im In- und Ausland mehrmals im Jahr zu treffen. Das Angebot an internationalen Orden und Ehrenzeichen ist breit gefächert und hält für jeden eine Überaschung bereit, was jeden zur Durchsicht des Angebots nur ermutigen kann.

Thomas Durante, NY

Author of the German Close Combat Clasp of World War II & The German Luftwaffe & Heer Paratrooper Badges of WW2

Barry is one of the best and most professional dealers I have dealt with over the last 10 years. Being primarily a WW2 "badge" collector, I am constantly amazed at the sheer number of items he manages to track down and list on his site. Several times I was able to find unique and never-seen-before badge variants thanks to his ability to track down large amounts of militaria and is the main reason Emedals is the first website I look at each day during my typical searches. Barry was also generous with his time on several occasions when he provided pictures of a few rare badges for one of my books; proving he is just as much a fellow collector as he is a dealer. His service is impeccable and I can only recommend Barry and Emedals as a great source of militaria for collectors.

R. J. Galbraith, Burlington

I have known Barry for 15 years and have always found him to be professional and a pleasure to do business with. The staff at eMedals are friendly, knowledgeable and discrete and people of good humor and integrity. The selection at eMedals is unparalleled for the serious and amateur collector alike. I can unhesitatingly recommend Barry and the eMedals staff for your collecting needs.

Steve Langmade, AZ

I highly recommend Barry @ E-Medals to any advance collector or beginner. I cannot express deeply or firmly enough how excellent Barry and his staff have been to me with supporting my collection. I have found his quality and offerings second to none. Service is excellent and great communication. Without doubt I’ve acquired several truly rare and fine quality items that should be in a museum. I am so lucky to have the privilege of doing business with Barry for over 10 years now.

Prof. Roman Pavić, MD, PhD

Zagreb, Croatia

eMedals has an amazing selection of medals and orders - best in the world. I have dealt personally with Barry for several years and his knowledge is impressive. Barry and his staff at eMedals are professional and trustworthy.

Militaria-Archiv Carsten Baldes

Wir kennen Herrn Barry und seine Firma eMedals seit 8 Jahren persönlich von den bekannten Messen in den USA und Deutschland. Da es uns beiden fernliegt, Kopien zum Schaden des Kunden anzubieten, hilft man sich gegenseitig, das Warenangebot sauber zu halten. Es entwickelten sich daraus sehr gute Geschäftsbeziehungen, durch die beide Firmen und letzendlich deren Kunden davon profitieren.

Pieter van Gulik

As a Dutch collector of orders and medals I have been dealing with Barry and Emedals for many years in a most pleasurable way. It is amazing how Barry manages to get hold of some very rare orders and medals. Although I find the prices at Emedals reasonable, of course such rare items are not cheap, but Barry is always willing to allow arrangements for lay away and spread payments. Thanks to that, I have been able to buy at Emedals some rare orders for my collection which I otherwise have had to pass. So I feel lucky to be able to do business with Barry and his staff, and would recommend Emedals to any fellow collector.