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  • Fine WWI Distinguished Conduct Medal,
  • Fine WWI Distinguished Conduct Medal,

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Fine WWI Distinguished Conduct Medal,


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Fine WWI Distinguished Conduct Medal,

For the Battle of Cambrai, A Great War D.C.M. awarded to Private J. P. Ryan, Canadian Cavalry Brigade, Machine Gun Squadron,Distinguished Conduct Medal, G.V.R. officially impressed (553063 Pte. J. P. Ryan, Can: Cav: Bde: M.G. Sq:) nearly extremely fine. D.C.M. London Gazette 28 March 1918: "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in volunteering to carry a message though shot through the shoulder. Though bleeding heavily he mounted a riderless horse and passed through the enemy?s lines under heavy fire, delivered the message, and finding a badly wounded man brought him back to our lines."Sold with coppied documents: The Fort Garry Horse 20/11/1917: Weather fine. The Regiment saddled up and stood to in the morning, in readiness to move forward on receipt of orders. At 12.07 pm the Regiment moved forward as Advanced Guard to the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, by the KAVANAGH TRACK, but as this was not entirely completed, the advance was completed by the sunken road running through M.10 and M.5 central to the SW Exit of MASNIERES. The following report by Lt Col R W Paterson DSO gives in detail the subsequent action of the Regiment on November 20th: Lt Col Paterson's Report (Forward Area): t 2.15 pm on receipt of orders stating that the bridge at MASNIERES was clear for cavalry, and that I was to push on according to previous instructions, I advanced into MASNIERES. On reaching the bridge in Main Street I found that it had either been blown or broken in by the weight of a Tank. I at once instructed Major SHARPE to reconnoitre a crossing on the right, stated by civilians to be suitable for horses in single file, and over which I could see the infantry crossing.Shortly after 3 pm I received a message from Major WALKER, stating that a crossing had been constructed. I forwarded this message to Brigade, advising them that I was pushing on. Major SHARPE not having returned, but a guide from the Infantry reporting, I instructed Captain CAMPBELL of B squdron to take his across the Canal and that I would follow with the balance of the Regiment as soon as he had got over. I watched B squdron crossing, which they did at 3.30 pm, then pushed on myself to make certain that they would clear the bridge successfully. Having ascertained this, I sent a messenger (MOHUIDIN KHAN) to instruct C squdron to follow. I then crossed the temporary bridge to the Lock House, where I found Major WALKER of the Machine Gun squdron, and at the same time received a message from the rear that I was not to cross the Canal and was to withdraw any of my troops which had crossed. No other messenger being available, Corporal RYAN of the M G Sqdn who had already been shot through the arm volunteered to carry a message forward to B squdron, in which I instructed them to return at once. I then sent back a messenger to the Brigade, advising them of the situation and pushed forward myself in endeavour to reach B squdron, which by this time had passed through the nfantry and was right out of sight over the ridge in front. The Infantry gave me the direction in which they had gone, but my horse being injured by a fall into a sunken road, I was unable to catch them, and wounded men returning informed me that the squdron was pushing forward at the gallop, and that they had captured a battery of Field Guns, and had suffered a number of casualties from MG fire. It was then getting dusk, and the Infantry Commander informed me that he was unable to push forward any further as his men were exhausted, so I gathered up some wounded men and prisoners and reported to Brigade Headquarters. Lieut STRACHAN's report of subsequent operations of the squdron is attached. On returning to the Look Crossing, I found Corporal RYAN who had been unable to locate B squdronn, and who had returned, bringing with him a wounded man... R W Patterson, Lt Col F G Horse
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