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eMedals-The Order of the Italian Star of Solidarity

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The Order of the Italian Star of Solidarity

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The Order of the Italian Star of Solidarity

The Order of the Italian Star of Solidarity - Three-piece construction, silver gilt, inscribed "STELLA DELLA SOLIDARIETA ITALIANA" on the reverse cartouche, 65.8 mm x 66.8 mm, vertical pinback, light contact, scattered gilt wear, better than very fine.  Footnote: The Order was instituted on January 27, 1947 in the single class of "knight", making it the Republic of Italy’s oldest award, to be awarded to expatriate Italians and foreign nationals, for recognition of those who made special contributions to the reconstruction of Italy after the Second World War. Two further classes, Grand Officer and Commander, were added soon after on July 3, 1948. The Order was granted sparingly until November 24, 1978 when awards ceased. It was amended on September 21, 2001 and began to be awarded again to "Italian workers throughout the world". The Order was reconstituted on February 3, 2011, being renamed the Ordine della Stella d’Italia (Order of the Star of Italy), and expanded to five classes. It is currently awarded for the preservation and promotion of Italian national prestige abroad, promoting friendly relations and co-operation with other countries and ties with Italy.
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