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eMedals-BEM Group to Chief Petty Officer A.H. Abrahams

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BEM Group to Chief Petty Officer A.H. Abrahams

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BEM Group to Chief Petty Officer A.H. Abrahams

British Empire Medal, Military (C.P.O. ALBERT ABRAHAMS D/J. 4185); 1914-15 Star (J. 4185. A.H. ABRAHAMS. A.B., R.N.); British War and Victory Medals (J 4185 A.H. ABRAHAMS. P.O. R.N.); 1939-45 Star; Defence Medal; War Medal 1939-45; and Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (J. 4185 A.H. ABRAHAMS. P.O. H.M.S. VIVID.). Naming is officially impressed on the five medals. Crisp detail, beautiful patinas, extremely fine. Also included is a duotang folder with his military biography, copy of his service record and eight ship photographs. Footnote: Albert Henry Abrahams was born on July 5, 1893 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He was a Machine Fitters Apprentice when he joined th Royal Navy in Devonport on April 15, 1909. Pre WWI, he achieved the ranks of Boy Seaman 2nd Class (April 15, 1909), Boy Seaman 1st Class (November 20, 1909), Ordinary Seaman (July 5, 1911, his eighteenth birthday) and Able Seaman (September 1, 1912), while serving with H.M.S. Ganges (1909, training ship for Boy Seamen), Impregnable (1909, training ship for Boy Seamen), Leviathon (1910, Armoured Cruiser), Vivid 1 (1910, Naval Base, Devonport), Gloucester (2nd Class Cruiser), Vivid 1 again (1913). During the Great War, Abrahams joined the H.M.S. Benbow on October 7, 1914 and served on her for the entirety of the conflict. On May 31, 1916, the Benbow was part of the First Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet and took part in the Battle of Jutland. As a Gunner, he would have been serving the big guns on the ship. During his stint with the Benbow, he achieved the ranks of Leading Seaman (April 1, 1916) and Petty Officer (September 1,1918) and qualified as a Gunners Mate (June 27, 1918). Post War, he served with H.M.S. Europa (1919, 1st Class Cruiser), Calypso (1920, Caledon Class Cruiser), Vivid 1 (1920), Valiant (1923, Battleship), Queen Elizabeth (1926, Battleship) and Vivid 1 again (1926) and achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer (October 23, 1927). He was no doubt pensioned out of the Royal Navy before the outbreak of World War II and was recalled to duty. As a Chief Petty Officer and Gunners Mate, he likely spent his time at the Naval Gunnery Scholl at H.M.S. Drake (formerly the H.M.S. Vivid) at Devonport, training gunnery ratings. He was awarded the RNLSGC Medal, September 6, 1926 and performed a singular service or act of gallantry, achieving the BEM, MIlitary. (BGR219)
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