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eMedals-A Second War Hungarian Gold Bravery Medal

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A Second War Hungarian Gold Bravery Medal

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A Second War Hungarian Gold Bravery Medal

A Second War Hungarian Gold Bravery Medal - This exceptionally rare bravery medal is made of silver gilt measuring 40mm and is in very fine condition with some contact marks. Footnote: Instituted on April 14, 1939 by Admiral Miklos Horthy for enlisted men in recognition of extreme bravery in combat. There were only 39 recipients, 19 of which received it posthumously. The requirements for obtaining such high award can be compared to the U.S. Congressional Medal of honor. On September 12th, 1942 the officer version was also introduced which differed only by the addition of the Crown of Saint Stephen with wreath and swords device attached to the ribbon. There were only 22 recipients. Of note, the famed Stuka pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel was the only foreigner who verifiably received it as well.  
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