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eMedals-A Second War Canadian Group to HMCS Iroquois

Item: C2849

A Second War Canadian Group to HMCS Iroquois


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A Second War Canadian Group to HMCS Iroquois

WWII Veteran's Group to Lieutenant Allan Sargent Raney, Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMCS Iroquois - This group of items was retrieved from a truck, owned by Lieutenant Allan Sargent Raney of the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Includes: a Late War Kreigsmarine (Navy) Dagger (measuring 420 mm, with the scabbard on, featuring a 253 mm nickel-plated steel blade, magnetic, with unsharpened edges, remaining bright and crisp, and having a semi-sharp tip, unmarked, retaining its crossgraining, with faint scratches overall, common to extraction and return to the scabbard, and a natural shine, chocolate brown leather washer at the crossguard junction is intact, fittings in pot metal, arms of the crossguard are broken off but the anchor insignia remains on both sides, loose scabbard release, ivory-coloured celluloid grip features six recessed rows but the grip is missing its wire wrap, pommel illustrating the naval eagle with a wreathed swastika clenched in its talons, measuring 385 mm in length. Steel gilt scabbard, magnetic, the bands exhibiting the traditional oak leaves design, each with rings, dual screws holding the throat in place, gilt wear evident but is free of dents, measuring 290 mm in length); Taylor-Hobson Made Naval Binoculars (steel housing, highlighted by black painted brass fixtures around the objective lens at the front, plastic eyepiece lenses at the rear, adjustable focus on both lens, body with a stubbled grip, left side above the eyepiece marked with the British Broad Arrow insignia and "O.S. 420 M.A. / BINO. PRISM. No 2 MK. III / x6 / NO 253734", right side above the eyepiece marked with the British Broad Arrow insignia and "GRATICULES 1/2 degree APART / and 1/4 degree.1/2 degree AND 1 degree HIGH / TAYLOR-HOBSON / 1943", distance cross hairs visible through the eyepieces, screws on the front painted red with a large "M" in red inscribed above the screw on the right side, 53 mm x 162 mm x 120 mm, thin olive-coloured canvas strap fed through slits on both sides of the framework, held in place with strands of brown threading); Notepad Portfolio (leather with heavily stitched edges, inscribed "Allan S. Raney R.C.N.V.R." on the front cover, inside has three interior pockets on the left side and a firm note pad backer on the right side, pull over tab with snap closure, 188 mm x 263 mm x 16.5 mm); Department of National Defence Large Address Book (named to "Lieut. A.S. Raney RCNVR" on the cover, 210 mm x 342 mm); RCNVR Printed Pre-Signed Christmas Card from Lieutenant A.S. Raney, Kingston, Ontario (blue ink on card, RCNVR insignia on the cover, greeting from Raney inside, 101 mm x 139 mm); three Personal Notebooks (pencilled notes on multiple lined-paper, two bound with dual rings, the other bound with two sets of string, 152 mm x 240 mm each); a Wardroom Mess List and a Mess Bill (named to Lieutenant Raney, HMCS Iroquois, dated June 25, 1945 and April 1945 respectively, 108 mm x 279 mm and 104 mm x 217 mm respectively); two Naval Messages from 1945 (pink paper stock, 199 mm x 216 mm); Photograph of a Woman (black and white, colourized, 202 mm x 252, in a forest green leatherette folder with a protective plastic window over the photo, folder measuring 217 mm x 285 mm x 12.5 mm); two RCNVR Group Photographs (black and white, gloss finish, one marked "ROYAL CANADIAN NAVAL PHOTOGRAPH Crown Copyright Reserved NEGATIVE No. 0-428" with a handwritten list in black ink of those in the photograph, 203 mm x 251 mm, the other is unmarked, 205 mm x 254 mm); a Booklet Entitled "Hints to First Lieutenants, Issued by Office of the Training Commander, Captain 'D' Halifax, October, 1943" (subtitled "Instructional Production Section, H.M.C. Gunnery School - - H.M.C.S. Cornwallis", black ink on white paper, 200 mm x 325 mm, triple staple-bound); a Booklet Entitled "1st Lieutenant's Standing Orders - H.M.C.S." (black ink on white paper, 208 mm x 330 mm, triple staple-bound); a Booklet Entitled "Duties of the Officer of the Watch" (blue electro-stat type on white paper, 203 mm x 330 mm, single staple-bound); an Officer's Booklet Prepared at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland (black ink on white paper, 208 mm x 330 mm, single staple-bound); multiple papers of Instruction, Responsiblities, Conduct and Technical Information of Officers; a Nipissing Lodge Induction Programme (dated June 5, 1939, with Raney listed under the "BALLOTING" category, printed in blue ink on a white paper stock, 152 mm x 177 mm); a Caricature Sketch of Lieutenant Raney "IN PLOT" (in pencil on a blank Naval Message form, pink paper stock, 199 mm x 216 mm); along with assorted Newspaper Articles covering Military Events, Loss of Seaman, Attacks by and on U-Boats, along with Weddings and other events. Better than very fine.  Footnote: Allan Sargent Raney was a resident of North Bay, Ontario and working as a Traffic Assistant for the Bell Telephone Company before enlisting with the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve. Previous to the war, on June 5, 1939, at the age of 35, he joined the Nipissing Masonic Lodge, recommended by Brother P.A. Huntington and Right Worshipful Brother B.F. Nott. He served aboard the HMCS Iroquois during the Second World War.  
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