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eMedals-The Soldbuch of Albert Amerongen; 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment

Item: G14756

The Soldbuch of Albert Amerongen; 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment

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The Soldbuch of Albert Amerongen; 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment

The Soldbuch of Albert Amerongen; 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment   Albert Amerongen Documents: SS Soldbuch, 32 pages, fine condition; one 1994 reprinted photograph 96 x 96 mm; one 1947 civilian internment camp ID card; one undated internment and work camp ID. Amerongen was born August 8th, 1911 in Recklinghausen in Westphalia. He chose not to identify with a mainstream religion, instead putting himself down as gottglaubig. He stood at 185 cm tall, was of thin build with blond hair and grey blue eyes, and worked as a shopkeeper before joining the SS. His Soldbuch is a replacement from February 27th, 1945 so his activity in the previous years of the war is unknown. On October 10th, 1944 he was admitted to a field hospital for unspecified wounds, which is possibly when his original Soldbuch was destroyed. Amerongen held the rank of SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer, an officer rank of the Waffen-SS, of the 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment, and was a veteran of the Tank Destroyer (Assault Squadron) School. He was the recipient of a War Merit Cross, as well as two Sports Badges. His camp ID number was 82 in an internment and labour camp in Regensburg after the war. He also had  an ID stamped on December 12th, 1947 by the Compound Office of a civilian internment camp identifying his as a member of the camp post service. 
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