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eMedals-United Kingdom. An Africa & Persian Gulf Service Pair to HMS HYACINTH

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United Kingdom. An Africa & Persian Gulf Service Pair to HMS HYACINTH

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United Kingdom. An Africa & Persian Gulf Service Pair to HMS HYACINTH

An Africa & Persian Gulf Service Pair to HMS HYACINTH - Africa General Service Medal, Edward VII, 1 Clasp - SOMALILAND 1908-10 (217897. W.A. BOTHAM, A.B. H.M.S. HYACINTH.); and Naval General Service Medal, George V, 1 Clasp - PERSIAN GULF 1909-1914 (217897. W.A. BOTHAM. LG. SEAn. H.M.S. HYACINTH.). Naming is officially impressed. Court-mounted, original ribbons, surface wear and contact marks, very fine. Accompanied by a duotang folder with his military biography, a copy of his Service Records and fourteen black and white ship photographs. Footnote: William Adam Botham was born on December 15, 1885 in Sheffield, England and upon his enlistment with the Royal Navy in Chatham, on November 2, 1901, he listed his occupation as Fishmongers Boy. He signed on for twelve years' service, beginning his naval career as a Boy Seaman 2nd Class with H.M.S. Ganges, the Training Ship for Boy Seamen. He achieved the rank of Boy Seaman 1st Class and saw his first posting, to the Cruiser H.M.S. Minotaur, both taking place on September 12, 1902. Botham was to serve aboard a variety of ships and at various installations throughout his career, including: the Cruiser H.M.S. Agincourt (effective February 25, 1903), the Cruiser H.M.S. Dido (effective July 1, 1903, where he achieved the rank of Ordinary Seaman on December 15, 1903), the Shore Base H.M.S.Pembroke (effective June 1, 1904), the Battleship Albion (effective June 21, 1904, where he achieved the rank of Able Seaman on May 25, 1905), the Battleship H.M.S. Magestic (effective February 26, 1907), the Battleship H.M.S. Venerable (effective January 7, 1908), followed by a second stint at the Shore Base H.M.S.Pembroke (effective February 2, 1909) and the Cruiser H.M.S. Royal Arthur (effective February 13, 1909). After six weeks with Royal Arthur, Botham was transferred to the Second Class Cruiser H.M.S. Hyacinth, on March 27, 1909, for overseas service, performing patrol duties and creating a blockade on the Somali coast, in connection with operations against the rebellious Somalis. For this service, he was awarded the Africa General Service Medal with the Somaliland 1908-10 Clasp. The Hyacinth next deployment was to the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, to halt the work of gun runners and pirates. It was for this service, that Botham was awarded the Naval General Service Medal with the Persian Gulf 1909-1914 Clasp. While serving with H.M.S. Hyacinth, he became a Leading Seaman on December 25, 1910. After returning from the East African coast, he was posted to the Shore Base H.M.S. Pembroke on June 3, 1911, followed by a posting the following day to the Cruiser H.M.S. Berwick, on June 4th, where he was to serve for almost ten months, before returning to the Shore Base H.M.S. Pembroke on March 26, 1913 for six weeks. He was then posted to the Destroyer Depot Ship H.M.S. Hecla on May 6th, before being transferred to the Destroyer Depot Ship H.M.S. Woolwich and posted to the Acheron Class Destroyer H.M.S. Druid on January 20, 1914, the Druid part of the 3rd Battle Squadron when hostilities broke out in August 1914. He continued his war service with the Admiralty M Class Destroyer H.M.S. Moresby, effective March 23, 1916, with Botham achieving the rank of Petty Officer one week later, on April 1st. He returned to Destroyer Depot Ship H.M.S. Hecla in September 1917 and was to finish his war service with her. For his First World War service, he was awarded the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal. Petty Officer William Adam Botham, O.N. 217897 (Chatham) was Mentioned in Despatches, for his action with enemy submarines, as announced in the Second Supplement to the London Gazette 30900 of Friday, September 13, 1918, on Saturday, September 14, 1918, page 10848 and in the Edinburgh Gazette on September 20, 1918, page 3499. Post-war, he was awarded the Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on February 13, 1919. Botham was assigned to the Disarmed Battleship H.M.S. Prince George, on March 1, 1919, then joined the Royal Fleet Reserve three weeks later, on March 20th. He returned to the Shore Base H.M.S. Pembroke on April 8th and was demobilized eight weeks later, on June 5, 1921. Botham's First World War Trio and his Royal Naval Long Service Medal are not included with this pair.
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