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eMedals-Germany, Heer. A Cavalry/Reconnaissance Stabsfeldwebel Waffenrock

Item: G43547

Germany, Heer. A Cavalry/Reconnaissance Stabsfeldwebel Waffenrock

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Germany, Heer. A Cavalry/Reconnaissance Stabsfeldwebel Waffenrock

(Heer Aufklärer/Kavallerie Waffenrock). This is a very well-preserved Heer Cavalry/Reconnaissance Stabsfeldwebel dress tunic, constructed of field-grey wool twill. The collar, constructed of smooth hunter green wool, is trimmed with golden-yellow piping, while three of its four edges are border by machine-embroidered silver aluminum wire tresses. The collar is flanked on each side by tabs, constructed of cardboard-reinforced golden-yellow wool, each bearing dual machine-embroidered silver aluminum wire insignia bisected by a golden-yellow threaded band. Each tab measures 35 mm (w) x 70 mm (l). The shoulders are adorned by straps, constructed of dark green wool, each trimmed with golden-yellow piping, bordered by silver aluminum wire tresses, and pinned with three zink rank pips and a silvered bronze letter “S” in Fraktur script, the latter indicating a Cavalry Rifle Regiment. Each strap measures 45 mm (w) x 100 mm (l) and is attached to the tunic with machine stitching at the outer edge and by a reinforced buttonhole meeting a pebbled magnetic metal button on the interior edge. The cuff of each sleeve is adorned with a layer of hunter green wool, trimmed with golden-yellow piping, and bordered with machine-embroidered silver aluminum wire tresses. Stitched into each cuff is a lemon-yellow wool patch, measuring 30 mm (w) x 60 mm (l), bearing dual machine-embroidered silver aluminum insignia, bisected by a golden-yellow threaded bands and pinned with pebbled magnetic metal buttons. The upper right breast flap bears an insignia in the form of a hunter green wool backer with a hand-embroidered silver aluminum wire Wehrmacht eagle clutching a wreathed mobile swastika, measuring 100 mm (w) x 40 mm (h). The right breast flap has three sets of vertically-arranged threaded loop for the accommodation of decorations with vertical pinbacks. The tunic includes a Wound Badge in Silver, constructed of silvered feinzink, and measuring 36.64 mm (w) x 44.32 mm (h) and weighing 25.4 grams. It also includes a DRL Sports Badge, constructed of bronze, measuring 37.59 mm (w) x 46.85 mm (h), and weighing 18.6 grams. The reverse is maker marked “WERNSTEIN, JENA”. A ribbon bar with an Eastern Front Medal, measuring 30 mm in length is pinned into the upper right breast, while a ribbon for an Iron Cross is stitched through the buttonholes. The tunic is close by eight pebbled magnetic metal buttons on the right breast flap meeting an equal number of reinforced buttonholes on the left flap. The exterior features of the tunic are completed by a rear vertical slit, trimmed with golden-yellow piping, and flanked by four pebbled magnetic metal buttons and two belt hooks of identical constructed. All buttons and hooks on the tunic are stamped on the reverse with “EXTRA FEIN”. The interior features a complete field-grey rayon liner, transitioning into a pinstripe design through the arms. There is an integrated belt consisting of two rayon straps with polished magnetic metal hooks on each end. A single horizontal slit for the accommodation of a dagger is found at the lower left breast. The interior of the collar features dual bronze hook on the right meeting analogous loops on the right. The tunic is marked by a partially-intact label stitched into the interior collar, identifying a manufacturer located at “BAHNHOFSTR. 33, COTTBUS”. It measures approximately 460 mm across the shoulders, with an arm length of 585 mm and an overall body length of 690 mm. Material fatigue is evident to the cuffs, collar, and interior lining, along with sporadic patches of mothing and soiling. The tunic is in an overall very fine condition.
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