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eMedals-Prussia, State. A First and Second War Long Service Medal Bar

Item: M0251-17

Prussia, State. A First and Second War Long Service Medal Bar

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Prussia, State. A First and Second War Long Service Medal Bar

A first and second war medal bar with four medals and awards, consisting of 1) An iron Cross 1914 Second Class “Eisernes Kreuz 1914 2. Klasse”; a cross pattée of multi-piece construction with a blackened iron core (magnetic) within a ribbed border; on loop for suspension; the obverse with a raised central “W”, with the re-institution date “1914” in raised numbering on the lower arm, and the royal crown on the upper arm; the reverse with a central oak-leaf branch consisting of three oak leaves, with the original institution date “1813” in raised numbers on the lower arm, a raised Prussian crown on the upper arm, with “FW” in equally raised lettering directly below; measuring 42.43 mm (w) x 42.36 mm (h). 2) A Hindenbyrg Cross “Ehrenkreuz des Weltkriegs 1914/1918”; a bronzed metal (magnetic) cross pattée with crossed swords between the arms of the cross; the obverse inscribed with “1914/1918” within an open-ended laurel wreath; the reverse plain; measuring 37.72 mm (w) x 37.25 mm (h). 3) A 25-Year Long Service Cross for Officers “Dienstauszeichnung für Offiziere für 25 Dienstjahre”; a bronze gilt cross; the obverse with a central crowned Royal Monogram of Friedrich Wilhelm III; the reverse with a central “XXV” for 25-Years of Service; on loop for suspension from a period original ribbon; measuring 39.00 mm (w) x 39.19 mm (h). 4) A 40 Year Long Service Cross constructed of gilt bronze with black enamels; on a loop for suspension; measuring 41.36 mm (w) x 41.24 mm (h).dark blue wool backer; horizontal pinback; measuring 125 mm (w) x 54 mm (h); in overall extremely fine condition.
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