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eMedals-Bronze Naval Medal Lieutenant Stephen Cassin

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Bronze Naval Medal Lieutenant Stephen Cassin

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Bronze Naval Medal Lieutenant Stephen Cassin

Bronzed copper, 65mm, NA-8 1878-1893; Rich mahogany color, brilliant [Stephen Cassin, Commander of the Ticonderoga. What region on earth is not full of our works] [Beaten on one side, he fearlessly turns the other] [Between the American and British fleets September 11, 1814]. "C.B." Moritz Furst U. S. Mint, Phila. Footnote: Stephen Cassin (16 February 1783 29 August 1857) was an officer in the United States Navy. Born in Philadelphia, the son of naval officer John Cassin, Cassin entered the United States Navy as a midshipman in 1800, and served in Philadelphia in the West Indies during the latter part of the Quasi-War with France. In the War of 1812, he commanded the USS Ticonderoga in the Battle of Lake Champlain and was awarded a gold medal for bravery by the United States Congress. He later served during the Second Barbary War on the USS Peacock and in the West Indies Squadron against piracy. Captain Cassin died in Washington, D.C.. He was buried in Washington, but later moved to Arlington National Cemetery. In extremely fine condition.
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