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eMedals-An Honour Prize for Naval Flyers to II Fighter Squadron

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An Honour Prize for Naval Flyers to II Fighter Squadron

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An Honour Prize for Naval Flyers to II Fighter Squadron

A German Honour Prize for Naval Flyers to Flight Petty Officer Külbe - Scarce and finely produced in bronze, two-piece construction, illustrating two spread-winged eagles, one on the bottom facing upwards at the mercy of the one on top, symbolic of an air battle victory by the upper eagle, the bottom eagle lying on a circular base, the eagles mounted to an octagonal, blackened wooden plinth (heavy base), a silver scroll plaque affixed to the plinth on its front panel, inscribed "Dem Sieger im Luftkampf 9. März 1918 Flugobermaat Külbe" (The Victor of an Air War (Dogfight), March 9, 1918, Flight Petty Officer Külbe", the scroll framed by a u-shaped branch of laurel leaves, the bronze eagles and circular base held in place by a long screwpost visible on the underside of the plinth, the award weighing 1,479 grams, with a height of 247 mm, a 200 mm wingspan of the upper eagle, a 173 mm wingspan of the lower eagle, the plinth measuring 113 mm x 117 mm x 120 mm in height. Green oxidation visible on the reverse of the upper eagle's back, light contact overall, extremely fine.   Footnote: Flight Petty Officer Külbe recieved his land pilots badge at 9th of june 1917 at Land-Flieger-Abteilung. A Fighter Pilot of Naval Fighter Squadron II. founded in October 19th, 1917 in Koolkerke, Belgium. They were equipped with the Albatross D.V. He won his first victory on March 9, 1918 over Booitshoeke, Belgium against a Camel, the second on June 29 against a balloon and the third on July 5 to 1920 at a DH4 above sea near Ostende.      
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