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eMedals-An Army (Heer) Officer's Dagger

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An Army (Heer) Officer's Dagger

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An Army (Heer) Officer's Dagger

An Army (Heer) Officer's Dagger - Measuring 395 mm, with the scabbard on, this dagger features a 260 mm nickel-plated steel blade, with unsharpened edges, remaining bright and crisp, and having a semi-sharp tip. The blade's reverse ricasso is un-marked. It retains its crossgraining, with faint scratches overall, common to extraction and return to the scabbard, and a natural shine, rating near extremely fine. The thick reddish-brown leather washer at the crossguard junction remains intact. Crossguard with a finely-detailed Army eagle, a wreathed swastika clenched in its talons, oak leaf design on the ferrule and pommel, crossguard with light gilt wear. Ivory-coloured celluolid grip features a series of ten parallel ridges, the grip exhibiting light contact overall, along with extensive chipping where it butts the pommel, light contact on the pommel, measuring 375 mm in length. The scabbard is nicely pebbled, magnetic, the bands exhibiting the traditional oak leaves design, each with rings, one screw holding the throat in place, free of dents, scattered light gilt wear evident overall, the scabbard measuring 278 mm in length. Extremely fine.
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