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  • An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card
  • An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card
  • An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card
  • An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card
  • An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card
  • An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card

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An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card


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An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card

An Allach SS-Julleuchter Yule with Presentation Card - Plain ceramic red clay earthenware, decorated with a voided heart and the wagon wheel-shaped Nordic rune on all four sides, each of the insignias outlined in small impressed dots, with larger dots forming a frame around them and a bell-shaped cap above. The voided areas allow light from the candle to funnel outward. The top is rounded and has a round hole in the middle to hold a candle, while the bottom has four stub-like legs, one of which is carved on the lower surface with the SS Kulturzeichen marking on the bottom. It measures 57 mm x 60 mm at the top, 100 mm x 105 mm at the base, and 215 mm in height. Free of chips, with very fine contact marks on the feet. Better than extremely fine. Accompanied by its Award Certificate, illustrating a lit Julleuchter in red ink with the inscription "MEINE HERZLICHEN WÜNSCHE ZUM WEIHNACHTSFEST UND FÜR DAS KAMPFJAHR 1943" (My Warm Wishes for Christmas and the Fight 1943) along with the printed signature of Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler in black ink below, on an off-white card stock, 107 mm x 147 mm, one small stain just above the illustration of the Julleuchter, certificate extremely fine.   Footnote: This SS-Julleuchter Yule Candle Holder was manufactured by Porzellanmanufaktur Allach, the porcelain manufactory of Himmler's SS. The plant was established in 1935 by Himmler in the small town of Allach, not too far from Munich. In 1936, the factory was headed by SS Obersturmbannführer Professor Diebitsch. It was Diebitsch’s job to deal with all artistic and architectural questions that interested the Reischführer. Some of the most famous potters from German porcelain galleries were hired to work at Allach. They included Professor D. S. Fichter, Professor T. H. Karner and also Ottmar Obermeier. The Julleuchters were manufactured under his orders and sent to SS-NCO's as "Christmas gifts" at the Winter Solstice. The design comes from an ancient Swedish pattern that Himmler admired while attending a museum there. The SS Leadership saw the SS Julleuchter as a replacement article for Christian occasions and to celebrate holidays and days that were of importance in the SS belief, as well as important dates in NSDAP history such as Hitler's birthday. The Julleuchter was, for example, to be lit on the Mid-Summer Solstice, Mid-Winter Solstice and "Yol", the pagan Yuletide intended to replace Christmas. In the beginning, Allach was the only maker of the Julleuchter but as the war progressed, Allach was unable to meet the demand and this piece was co-produced by other manufacturers. Many of the pieces produced at Allach were not for sale and were delivered to the personal staff of Himmler who had them commissioned for presentation use. Many of the products were for sale to the general public, which included the bust of Hitler, the Fencer, various animals and also the mounted figures. There were also special porcelain pieces commissioned for the German police and the factory also made the Julleuchter.   
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