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eMedals-A Spanish Cross for Next-of-Kin

Item: G9358

A Spanish Cross for Next-of-Kin

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A Spanish Cross for Next-of-Kin

A Spanish Cross for Next of Kin - Made of bronze, and of very fine quality, extremely fine condition. Measures 40 x 43.5mm and weights 11.9 grams. This award was established the same day as the Spanish Cross, to commemorate those legionaries who fell during the Spanish Conflict. The award is a smaller version of the Spanish Cross with swords and as produced from bronze or brass, both with a bronze wash. As with the Spanish Cross, the reverse is plain. This award was presented to the next-of-kin of those killed or missing in action or if death occurred due to war related sickness. A total of 315 awards were presented making this a rare item.
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