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eMedals-A Signed Studio Photo of of Japanese Ambassador to Berlin

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A Signed Studio Photo of of Japanese Ambassador to Berlin

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A Signed Studio Photo of of Japanese Ambassador to Berlin

A Signed Studio Photo of of Japanese Ambassador to Berlin - Black and white, matte finish, studio portrait of Oshima in his General's uniform, wearing various medals and orders (including: the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun 1st and 2nd Classes, the 1914-1920 War Medal, the First World War Victory Medal, the Taisho Enthronement Commemorative Medal and the 1931-1934 Incident War Medal, among others; the German Third Reich German Eagle Order 1st Class, the Cross of Honour of the German Red Cross 1st Class Type III and the Olympic Games Decoration; and the Slovakian Order of Prince Pribina 1st and 2nd Classes), his original signature in blue ink across his breast, inscribed in German "Botschafter OSHIMA" (Ambassador Oshima) at the bottom, maker marked "Hoffmann, München, FRiedrichstr. 34" with postcard address patch, 90 mm x 140 mm, paper residue on the reverse from previous album mounting, tear on the left side just above his shoulder, creases evident, fine.   Footnote: Baron Hiroshi Oshima (April 19, 1886 to June 6, 1975) was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, Japanese ambassador to Nazi Germany before and during the Second World War, and unknowingly, a major source of communications intelligence for the Allies. His role was perhaps best summed up by General George C. Marshall, who identified Oshima as "our main basis of information regarding Hitler's intentions in Europe". Virtually all of Oshima's dispatches were intercepted: approximately 75 during the 11 months of 1941, some 100 in 1942, 400 in 1943, 600 in 1944, and about 300 during the just over four months of 1945 when Germany was at war.  
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