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eMedals-A Rare Luftwaffe Honor Salver for Exceptional Leadership in the Field

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A Rare Luftwaffe Honor Salver for Exceptional Leadership in the Field

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A Rare Luftwaffe Honor Salver for Exceptional Leadership in the Field

A Rare Luftwaffe Honor Salver for Exceptional Leadership in the Field - Luftwaffe Honour Salver awarded to Oberleutnant Sigmund Braun on 15.12.1942. Maker Joh. Wagner & Sohn. Nice patina with only small surfaces scratches, near extremely fine and very rare; Iron Cross First Class 1939, iron core (magnetic) with silver frame, worn with catch showing signs of use; Iron Cross Second Class 1939, iron core, silver frame, worn; Romanian Order of the Crown with swords; Bulgarian Military Merit Order in silver with fine red enamels; Romanian Anti-Communism Medal; 1941/42 Eastern Front Medal; An Early Luftwaffe Flak Badge in silvered nickel-silver, dark patina; A Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge in zinc alloy with riveted eagle; Black Grade Wound Badge; Aluminum ID Disc; Accompanied by extensive original documentation including several award documents, Soldbuch, and Award Document for Luftwaffe Honour Salver. This Group comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from D.Niemann guaranteeing its authenticity and stating it was acquired from the family as a group.    Footnote: Sigmund Braun was a Flak Unit Fuhrer and veteran of the Eastern Front. He was born in Hamm, in Westphalia. He was a student before joining the Army. He stood at 187 cm tall and had grey eyes. He spent his entire Luftwaffe career with the same unit: the 24th Flak Regiment. It was established on October 1st 1936 in Iserlohn. The unit’s staff was under command of the High Commander of Flak Artillery in Luftkreis IV. By the start of the war, it was functioning as part of Flak group Dusseldorf. It was stationed along the West Wall and supported the 1st Army in the invasion of France. In April 1941 it was attached to the XXXX. Army Korps and was engaged in the invasion of the Balkans. In June 1941 it was made part of the 17th Army in Russia. In 1942 they were engaged in the Kharkov region at Izium, and in August of the same year were active in the Caucasus as part of the 15th Flak Division. During their retreat from the East they were in battle in Hungary. By 1944 it was redesignated as a Heavy Flak Unit. They ended the war in the area around Vienna. On November 1st, 1939 he was awarded the Sudetenland Medal as Unteroffizier, he was promoted to Wachtmeister in the same year. On October 6th, 1940 he was awarded Iron Cross 2nd Class as Leutnant, he was promoted earlier that year. On June 1941 he received Bulgarian Pilot’s Badge “Eagle”. On August 9th, 1941 he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class as Leutnant. On November 25th, 1941 he was awarded the Flak Badge. On July 1st, 1942 he was promoted to Oberleutnant. On August 21st, 1942 he received Wound badge in Black. On Sept 1st, 1942 he received the Romanian Order of the Crown. On December 15th, 1942 he received the prestigious Honour Salver of the Luftwaffe as Oberleutnant for exceptional performance in leading his troops. There are four other awards without documents: LW Ground Assault Badge, Eastern Front Medal, Bulgarian bravery Award with Swords, some Romanian anti-communism medal.  
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