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eMedals-A First War Medal Bar to a Battle of Jutland Participant

Item: GB4340

A First War Medal Bar to a Battle of Jutland Participant

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A First War Medal Bar to a Battle of Jutland Participant

A First War Medal Bar to a Battle of Jutland Participant - 1914-15 Star (ART. ENG, P. GRIEVE. R.N.); British War Medal (ART. ENG P. GRIEVE. R.N.); and Victory Medal (ART. ENG P. GRIEVE. R.N.). Naming is officially impressed. Un-mounted, light contact, extremely fine. Accompanied by a duotang folder with his military biography and eight black and white ship photographs. Footnote: Peter Grieve achieved the rank of Artificer Engineer (Acting) on September 1, 1914, before being posted to the Light Cruiser H.M.S.Conquest, as part of the Harwich Force, based in Harwich, Essex, on November 24, 1914. He was with H.M.S. Conquest from 1914 to early 1916, taking part in sweeps and anti-submarine patrols and was named Artificer Engineer on March 1, 1915. From March 11, 1916 to late 1917, Grieve was posted to the Battleship H.M.S. Canada, as part of the 4th Battleship Squadron and participated in patrols in the North Sea with the Grand Fleet, including being present at the Battle of Jutland, from May 31 to June 1. To close out his war service, he served aboard the Cruiser H.M.S. Cornwall on the North America and West Indies Station, from October 8, 1917 to mid-1919, after the ceasing of hostilities. He is documented as being on half-pay from mid-1919 to December 1, 1921 and acquiring the rank of Warrant Engineer. Post-war, Grieve served with the Light Cruiser H.M.S. Despatch, as part of the Light Cruiser Squadron in China for two and a half years, effective January 1, 1922, before being transferred on August 18, 1924, to the Destroyer H.M.S. Sabrina, in the Reserve Fleet based at the Nore, located at the mouth of the Thames Estuary, where he was named a Commissioned Engineer on March 1, 1925. He was posted to the Cruiser H.M.S. Cleopatra, as part of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron with the Atlantic Fleet, on February 16, 1926, then transferred to the Cruiser H.M.S. Ceres, as Commodore Commanding the Atlantic Fleet Destroyers in November 1927. His final posting was to the Destroyer H.M.S. Venomous, under Dockyard Control, effective September 3, 1929, until his retirement in 1930. Grieve died in 1933.   
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