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eMedals-A Commission Documents Signed by Victoria Cross Recipient Pearkes

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A Commission Documents Signed by Victoria Cross Recipient Pearkes



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A Commission Documents Signed by Victoria Cross Recipient Pearkes

A Commission for Rear-Admiral Brian Roff Spencer signed by George R. Pearkes - Document has the Royal coat-of-arms at the top with the signature of Governor General Georges Vanier overlaying the embossed seal of the Governor General of Canada immediately to the right, inscribed: "Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. To Brian Roff Spencer hereby appointed Rear-Admiral in Her Majesty's Canadian Fleet. We do by these Presents Constitute and Appoint you a Rear Admiral, Royal Canadian Navy, Willing and Requiring you forth with to take upon you the Charge and Command of Rear Admiral accordingly, or the Charge and Command of any higher rank to which you may be promoted. On receiving an order from Us to hoist your Flag, you are to wear the same at the top mast head on board and Ship of Vessel of the Squadron to which you shall have been appointed, and We do hereby Will and Require all Captains, Commanders and other officers and Companies belonging thereto to be obedient to your Commands. And you likewise to follow such Orders and Instructions as you shall from time to time receive from Naval Headquarters and any other your Superior Officers. And for so doing this shall be Your Commission. Given by Command of His Excellency the Governor General of Canada this Thirtieth day September 1960 With Seniority of 8th September, 1958 in this Ninth year of Her Majesty's Reign.", signed by "George R. Pearkes", Minister of National Defence (who served in that capacity from 1957 to 1960 under Prime Minister John Diefenbaker) and coded "15-11-53 (N.S. 85)" in the lower left. Printed in black ink on a linen parchment, the individualized handwritten inserts in black ink, 335 mm x 392 mm, central vertical fold mark, one mild soiling mark over the naming. Near extremely fine.   Footnote: Brian Roff Spencer (O-069180) was born on January 8, 1907 in Port Alberni, British Columbia. He was appointed as a Naval Cadet with the Royal Canadian Navy in 1921. He served in the Royal Naval College of Canada (Twelfth Term) in 1921 and was released 1922. Spencer entered the University of British Columbia in 1922 and re-entered the RCN and was appointed a Naval Cadet in 1924. He served with H.M.S. Thunderer for Training (Special Entry No. 16) in 1924, followed by a stint with H.M.S. Collingwood for Training. He was appointed as a Midshipman RCN, with seniority, effective August 30, 1924, followed by an appointed to Midshipman (E) RCN with seniority, effective September 15, 1925. He served with H.M.S. Emperor of India for Training in 1925, followed by a stint with H.M.S. Valiant for Training and with H.M.S. Vivid for Training in 1925. Spencer was appointed an Acting Sub-Lieutenant (E) RCN with seniority, effective November 1, 1926 and served at the Royal Naval Engineering College Keyham. He was appointed as a Sub-Lieutenant (E) RCN with seniority, effective November 1, 1927 and was appointed as a Lieutenant (E) RCN with seniority effective February 1, 1929. He served with HMCS Saguenay in 1931, at Naval Service Headquarters in 1934 and with HMCS Champlain as Engineer Officer in 1935. He was appointed a Lieutenant-Commander (E) RCN with seniority, effective February 1, 1937 and served with HMCS Skeena as Engineer Officer 1939. He served at Naval Service Headquarters as Director of Engineering Personnel in 1940, and as Officer-in-Charge of Mechanical Training Establishment at HMCS Naden. During the Second World War, Spencer was appointed Acting Commander (E) RCN in 1941 and served at the RCN Barracks in Esquimalt, British Columbia (HMCS Naden II) in 1941. He was appointed a Commander (E) RCN with seniority, effective July 1, 1942, served as Officer-in-Charge of the Mechanical Training Establishment at HMCS Cornwallis in 1942, served with HMCS Niobe for Staff of Naval Overseer in Belfast in 1943 and served with HMCS Ontario as Commander (E) in 1945. After the war, Spencer began serving at Naval Headquarters as Staff of Assistant Chief of Naval Administration and Supply (Ships and Dockyards) and as Assistant Engineer-in-Chief in 1946. He was appointed a Captain (E) RCN with seniority, effective January 1, 1947, later taking on the position of Deputy Engineer-in-Chief in 1947. He served as Superintendent at Her Majesty's Canadian (HMC) Dockyard Esquimalt and with HMCS Naden as Command Engineer Officer, Pacific Command and Command Technical Officer in 1948. He was appointed as a Commodore (E) RCN with seniority, effective July 1, 1953 and served with HMCS Naden for Duty as Commodore Superintendent HMC Dockyard Esquimalt, before returning to Naval Headquarters as Engineer-in-Chief in 1956. Spencer was appointed a Rear-Admiral (E) RCN with seniority, effective September 8, 1958, serving at Naval Headquarters as Chief of Naval Technical Services, as a Member of the Naval Board of Canada and as Director of the Nuclear Submarine Survey Team in 1958. He retired from service in 1960 and for his long service in the Royal Canadian Navy, was awarded the Canadian Forces' Decoration. Spencer was married to Iris Frances Mary Spencer (nee Laurie) (Oct 10, 1910 - Nov 28, 1983), the couple having a daughter, Joan (July 10, 1939 - July 12, 2014). Rear-Admiral Brian Roff Spencer died on January 22, 1961 in Ottawa, Ontario, at the age of 54.  
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