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eMedals-A Coldstream Guards Full Dress General's Uniform

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A Coldstream Guards Full Dress General's Uniform

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A Coldstream Guards Full Dress General's Uniform

 A Coldstream Guards Full Dress General's Uniform - This uniform is composed of three pieces: a tunic, pants and cap; The tunic is fabricated from a fine grade, smooth to the touch, black wool. Each shoulder is adorned with shoulder boards fabricated from intricately braided gold-coloured bullion, each board held in place by full-length brass clips on the underside and 19 mm gilt buttons illustrating the General's wreathed crossed sword and baton insignia at the neck end on the uppers, each board with three insignias: a Queen's crown in gold-coloured and silver bullion wire with the inside of the crown in maroon felt, along with touches of red, green and blue embroidery in the base of the crown; a Coldstream Guards regimental insignia in gold-coloured and silver bullion wire with red threading forming the central cross and a large gold-coloured sequin at its base; and a large General's crossed sword and baton insignia in silver bullion wire. The right side has a gold-coloured bullion wire cord braided in the appropriate style, fed through the underside of the right shoulder board, looped around the top front button on the right side near the collar, terminating with two gilt metal aiguillettes topped by bullion balls, one at each end of the cords. Each collar is adorned with red wool collar tabs with the traditional General's repeating oak leaves and acorns motif in gold-coloured bullion wire on the uppers, each tab sewn in place, with a 14 mm gilt button illustrating the General's wreathed crossed sword and baton insignia on each. The collar has a large loop backed by a protective leather tab on the left side, the tab with a soft leather backer sewn in place, and a large receiving clip on the right side of the collar, ensuring a snug fit at the neck. There are also five raised metal posts at equal intervals along the inside of the black nylon reinforced collar. The front has four large pockets, one on each breast which have decorative straps giving them a pleated-look, fold over button down flaps with reinforced button holes, the accompanying 19 mm brass-cored silvered metal buttons with the General's insignia. The other two pockets at the waist are larger and deeper than the breast pockets and have fold over flaps and are designed to be buttonless. Above the left breast pocket is a four level Ribbon Bar displaying the ribbons of fifteen orders and medals (first level: 1 Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Distinguished Service Order and Most Excellent Order of the British Empire - Military; second level: Order of St. John with silver cross, 1939-1945 Star and Africa Star; third level: Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-1945; and fourth level: King's African Rifles Long Service and Good Conduct Medal with bronze MID oak leaf, Africa Service Medal 1902-1956, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal 1953, Jamaica Independence Medal and United States: Army Distinguished Service Cross). The left breast has four vertical loops appearing above the pocket and nine horizontal loops sewn in place, eight of which are on the pocket and one below the pocket, used for the displaying of the General's awards. The front is completed by a vertical row of five 19mm silvered brass-cored buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left. All buttons on the tunic are maker marked "GAUNT LONDON", the tunic itself double-vented at the rear. There are upward-pointing black metal loops on either side at the waist supporting a 70 mm wide matching belt, the upper of the belt in gold-coloured bullion wire with two rows of embroidered maroon piping, the reverse of the belt in maroon nylon, the belt with an adjustable length. The upper overlaying the belt buckle incorporates the same upper as that used on the belt, the reverse with a clip on the right side and a receiving loop on the left side for a snug fit at the waist. Both pieces of the belt extend past the belt buckle and turn in a ninety degree angle downwards, travelling 190 mm and terminating with extremely large tassels, the heads and skirts of the tassels in gold-coloured bullion. In addition, looped around the left side of the belt is an additional 45 mm wide belt in navy blue webbed fabric, with two rows of six brass eyelets each and a black leather support patch on the reverse on one end and a brass two-pronged buckle on the other end, with two black leather sliders. Immediately to the right of the buckle are two black leather patches, one stitched in place, the other as an adjustable slider, each with 27 mm wide multi-piece, thick maroon leather straps attached via brass loops and posts, the buckle attached to the fixed patch with a brass u-shaped hook attached, the uppers of each strap in embroidered fine gold-coloured wire threading, with adjustable buckles with lion motifs, along with brass posts and eyelets at the terminating ends. The inside is lined throughout in black nylon, except for the sleeves, which are lined in white nylon. There is one cotton-lined side-entry pocket on the left side that backs onto the exterior left breast pocket, with an embroidered "MOSS BROS LTD. OF COVENT GARDEN" maker's label sewn vertically in place at the opening of the pocket. The tunic measures 510 mm across the shoulders x 830 mm in length. The pants are fabricated from black wool with a 64 mm wide red wool stripe sewn in place and running the full length on the outer legs, button-up fly with three 14 mm black metal buttons sewn in place, four 17 mm black metal buttons, two sewn on either side of the front opening, all seven buttons maker marked "HAWKES & Co", the interior of the pants with a 44 mm wide off-white nylon waistband, two white plastic buttons sewn at the rear, cotton-lined pocket at the hip on the right side, leather straps stitched on either side of both cuffs, a total of four, the end of one strap with a single prong buckle, the facing strap with four adjustable die-holes on each cuff, the uppers of each strap with a smooth black finish, the pants measuring 350 mm at the waist x 960 mm in length. The exterior of the visor cap is fabricated from black wool with a red wool band encompassing the cap, featuring the classic high peak, the front adorned with a 49 mm x 61 mm General's cap badge, featuring the General's wreathed crossed sword and baton insignia, in gold-coloured and silver bullion wire, the inside of the Queen's crown in maroon felt, touches of red, green and blue embroidery in the base of the crown, along with black wool in the voided area of the insignia. There are two gilt buttons on either side, each illustrating the General's wreathed crossed sword and baton insignia, securing two overlapping patent leather straps in place, each strap with a slider stitched towards its end, with the other strap neatly fed through it. The upper of the visor in black patent leather with two rows of raised leafed gold bullion stitched in place, the underside of the visor in forest green. The inside of the cap has a 40 mm wide leather headband, an additional black velvetine strip sewn along the forehead area, embroidered maker's label inscribed "GIEVES & HAWKES No. 1 Savile Row, London" stitched to the dome under the moisture shield, the cap measuring 265 mm x 280 mm x 130 mm in height. The fabric on all three items is very clean, the stitching intact, with very light wear evident on some of the wool and felt insignia. Better than extremely fine.
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