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eMedals-A British Empire Medal & Family Medal Group

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A British Empire Medal & Family Medal Group

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A British Empire Medal & Family Medal Group

A British Empire Medal & Family Medal Group - Edgar Augustus Frederick Vinen: British War Medal (528627 PTE. E.A.F. VINEN. C.A.M.C.); and Efficiency Medal with CANADA scroll (DRUM MAJOR E.A.F. VINEN. CAN. FUS.), on a suspension with swing bar pinback, as worn by the veteran. Accompanied by St. John Ambulance Association Medal (bronze, engraved "246131 EDGAR VINEN" and marked "REGISTERED AT St JOHNS GATE CLERKENWELL" on the reverse, 40 mm, ring suspension); Pair of Cufflinks (bronze gilt, engraved with a floral pattern and the initials "E.V.", 13.3 mm x 19 mm x 21 mm); Canadian Corps Reunion Toronto 1938 Pin (bronze, maker marked "LACKIE MFG CO TORONTO" on the reverse, measuring 24.3 mm x 26.3 mm, pinback); three No. 10 Canadian General Hospital Sports Medals (each are silver with the initials "E.V." engraved on the obverse, with the British lion hallmark and an anchor (made in Birmingham), plus ring suspensions; first medal is maker marked "W.A." (William Aitken), date marked "t" (1918) and engraved "10th C.G.H. SPORTS BRIGHTON 24-5-17 1st 100 Yds" on the reverse, 23 mm x 33.7 mm; second medal is maker marked "HB&S", date marked "t" (1917) and engraved "10th C.G.H. SPORTS BRIGHTON 30-6-17 1st 220 Yds" on the reverse; third medal is maker marked "WHH" (William Hair Haseler), date marked "s" (1917) and engraved "10th C.G.H. SPORTS BRIGHTON 30-6-171st 100 Yds Time 10.Sec." on the reverse); and fifteen pages on CD containing copies of his Index Card, Attestation Paper, Service Records, Medical Records, Discharge Certificates and Department of Veterans Affairs Death Notification (dated January 28, 1965). Victor William Vinen, KIA: British War Medal (603251 PTE. V.W. VINEN. 2-CAN.INF.); and Victory Medal (603251 PTE. V.W. VINEN. 2-CAN.INF.). Accompanied by seven pages on CD containing copies of his Attestation Paper, Service Records and Medical Records. Vern Edgar Vinen: British Empire Medal (R.52140 SGT. VERN E. VINEN, R.C.A.F.), on Military ribbon with pinback; Canadian Volunteer Service Medal; and War Medal 1939-1945. Accompanied by a Ribbon Bar (British Empire Medal and Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, 10.8 mm x 64.2 mm, missing pinback, faded ribbons); and five pages with copies of his RCAF Service Award Computer Card, Service Records and Discharge Certificate. P.E. Vinen: Canadian Army Identification Tag (A609444 P E RL VINEN UC CDN), with two suspension holes and ring. 
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