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eMedals-A 1945 German Resistance Anti Government Propaganda Leaflet

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A 1945 German Resistance Anti Government Propaganda Leaflet

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A 1945 German Resistance Anti Government Propaganda Leaflet

A 1945 German Resistance Anti Government Propaganda Leaflet - Likely produced by the German Resistance, this leaflet encourages Germans to end the war; measuring 133 x 212m, fair condition. Translation is as follows:   What’s to be done? In the darkest hour of crisis?   Stay informed by the hour of the truth of the present situation Arm yourself against the lies, falsehoods, and propaganda of the Nazis Allow forced foreign labourers to listen to listen to the broadcasts of Radio Luxemburg Listen to the instructions of the High Command of the Allied Forces Spread the truth of Germany’s   Radio London, Luxemburg, and Moscow broadcast news about:   The disheartening offensives in the west Collapse in the East Allied air force operations What is going on in Germany The Allied post war plan   The voice of the United Nations tell you:   If the struggle continues, it will only get worse   If we choose to bring it to an end, it will only be better     Every casualty was in vain!!   The greatest lie of the war, the lie that the terrible losses in the east were the price to pay for certain German victory, spread by the party and government for 8 months has brought the people nothing but casualties.   The deaths were committed, but the price is out of reach.   And every day the growing suffering of the civilian population are “justified” and “forgiven” in the name of the GREAT WESTERN OFFENSIVE, which Rundstedt says is “ALL OR NOTHING”   NOW, one month after the failure of Rundstedt’s Western Offensive, the Eastern Front is also overrun and   THE EASTERN FRONT IS COLLAPSED!   Does the party and state leadership claim responsibility for the consequences? NEIN! Senselessly in the name of “sticking it out” and “carrying on” the fanatics in leadership create NEW VICTIMS!   THE PARTY DEMANDS “FIGHT ON!”   THE FUTURE OF GERMANY DEMANDS AN END!  
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