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eMedals-WWII Women's Voluntary Services Pin

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WWII Women's Voluntary Services Pin

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WWII Women's Voluntary Services Pin

WWII Women's Voluntary Services Pin - Sterling silver gilt and enamels, hallmarked and marked "STERLING" on the reverse, 26.7 mm x 29 mm, horizontal pinback, extremely fine. Footnote: When World War II broke out in September 1939, Canada declared war on its own apart from Britain (although our commitment to Britain’s war effort was never in much doubt). Besides military support, Canadians provided important social services for the people of Britain. This support took many forms. During World War II, Winnipegger Margaret Konantz volunteered with the Women’s Voluntary Services (W.V.S.), an organization instituted in 1938 and dedicated to providing much-needed war time relief efforts for civilian victims who had been evacuated or lost their homes. The W.V.S. collected and distributed clothing from all over the world. In total over 20 million garments were distributed. The organization worked with the American and Canadian Red Cross to provide this relief. Between 1941 and 1945 the W.V.S. collected 3 million garments, 85,000 sheets and bedding, 86,000 blankets, 350,000 quilts, 16,000 boots and shoes and 262 tons of jam from generous Canadians through the Canadian Red Cross. In addition, the W.V.S.’s 12,000 volunteers collected money to purchase clothing and other garments.
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