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eMedals-WWII Tanks and Armoured Cars First Aid Kit

Item: C1158

WWII Tanks and Armoured Cars First Aid Kit

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WWII Tanks and Armoured Cars First Aid Kit

WWII Tanks and Armoured Cars First Aid Kit - Metal kit box is painted greenish-brown with attachment metal parts soldered into place, all parts are magnetic, marked in white paint on the lid "OUTFIT FIRST AID FOR TANKS AND ARMOURED CARS", front side panel with two sliding locking latches and tote handle, dual hinged on the back of the lid, inside has a separate 50 mm x 155 mm compartment on the left side, plus two upright tabs near the rear of the box to hold the scissors in place, three drilled holes in the bottom for wall mounting, 207 mm x 278 mm x 70 mm, rust spots on the bottom, contact marks and some paint chipping overall, box better than very fine. Enclosed are three Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Dressing Packages (label marked "R.C.A.M.C. Dressing, Shell, Mark 111, Johnson & Johnson Limited, Montreal, Que., Made in Canada, September 1943", unopened, 70 mm x 130 mm x 57 mm); one Box of Sterilized Cotton (label marked "Red Chain Brand, Sterilized, Made in Canada, Perfect Absorbent Cotton, 1 Ounce, Johnson & Johnson Limited Montreal Canada", previously opened and re-taped shut 69 mm x 83 mm x 37 mm); two Boxes of Iodine Applicators (labelled "6 x 1 c.c. Iodine Applicators (Tincture of Iodine B.P. 1932) Poison, The Stevens Companies, Toronto, Canada", unopened, 28 mm x 75 mm x 17 mm); one Tin and Tin Oxide Tablets Aluminum Cylinder (label marked "Ayrton's Tinoxid Brand Tin and Tin Oxide Tablets, Ayrton, Saunders & Co. Ltd., Liverpool, England, Made in England", stamped "Ayrton's" on the screw cap, previously opened, 21 mm x 66 mm); one Roll of Gauze (flesh-toned, wrapped in paper strip, unopened, 20 mm x 26 mm); one Eye Cup (glass, maker marked "A" and marked "43" and "U.S.A." on the bottom, 35 mm x 40 mm x 56 mm); and one Pair of Scissors (metal, magnetic, black painted handles, 56 mm x 200 mm). All box contents are near extremely fine to near mint.
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