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eMedals-WWII RCAF ID Tags; Ju88 Casualty

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WWII RCAF ID Tags; Ju88 Casualty

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WWII RCAF ID Tags; Ju88 Casualty

WWII RCAF ID Tags; Ju88 Casualty - Bakelite, one round, one octagonal, obverse stamped "CAN 6204A AIRMAN G C MITCHELL UC RCAF" on each, reverse of round version stamped "O", reverse of octagonal version stamped "DO NOT REMOVE", 34.7 mm and 33.2 mm x 39 mm, respectively, octagonal version is chipped, very fine.Footnote: Airman G.C. Mitchell was with 103 Squadron aboard Lancaster JB278, on the night of April 24-25, 1944, when it was very badly shot up in the vicinity of Karlsruhe by a couple of Ju.88s. With fuel leaking from the damaged fuel tanks, the crew headed for Manston Airfield in Kent, but were obliged to ditch before making landfall. Upon entering the water, the Lancaster settled within less than a minute, but the crew was able to evacuate the doomed bomber. All were subsequently rescued from their dinghy, which included F/S C.H.Ogden, Sgt E.Thomason, F/S O.J.Pratlett, RCAF F/S G.C.Mitchell, Sgt K.A.Brook, Sgt H.R.Freckleton and F/S E.R.H.Dyde. When lost, this aircraft had a total of 322 hours. JB278 was one of two 103 Squadron Lancasters lost on this operation.
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