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eMedals-WWII Pacific Coast Military Rangers Lapel Pin

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WWII Pacific Coast Military Rangers Lapel Pin

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WWII Pacific Coast Military Rangers Lapel Pin

WWII Pacific Coast Military Rangers Pin - Blackened bronze, unmarked, 18.5 mm, screwback, light contact, near extremely fine. Footnote: The Pacific Coast Militia Rangers were formed after war with Japan began in December 1941. Discussions of a "Home Guard" for British Columbia began as early as January 1942. The Home Guard were soldiers in Great Britain who could not serve in the regular forces because they were too old, physically unfit, or needed in valuable war work. These part time soldiers would have played an important role in the defence of the UK had the Germans invaded. Fear of Japanese invasion was rife in Canada after Pearl Harbor, and so the Coastal Defence Guards were started, finally reorganized and recognized as the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (PCMR). These units were, as the name implied, unique to the west coast. They were perhaps more similar to the Partisans of the Eastern Front, or the French Resistance, in that their advantages lay in familiarity with local terrain and topography. Many experienced outdoorsmen were thus sought; and performed many roles. Some were not unlike the Australian coast watchers, remaining vigilant for signs of Japanese invasion but also training in anti-sabotage measures, and protection of lines of transportation and communication. Special training camps were set up, though some companies were too far away for their men to attend. General Order 320 of August 12, 1942 made the PCMR a corps of the Canadian Army.
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