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eMedals-WWII Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet

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WWII Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet

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WWII Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet

WWII Luftwaffe Model L Kp N 101 Summer Flying Helmet - The L Kp N 101 Netzkopjhaube net or mesh flying helmet was one of the most popular Luftwaffe flying helmets of the war. Designed for comfort, it was manufactured completely without a chin strap, relying on the straps of the oxygen mask to secure the headgear ensemble in place. It features fleece lined earphones which are housed in aluminum hemi-spherical domes, containing radio receivers, each earphone with overlaying plastic covers stamped "Ln 26602", with the exterior of the earphones covered in a thick tan leather. Each of the leather earphone covers have raised aluminum posts flanked by eyelets towards the front, a vertical leather strap with snap closures towards the rear and a clip at the bottom. Between the two earphones is a chamois backed leather headband at the front and a chamois backed, elasticized cloth strap at the rear, with the head itself encased in a dark brown, lightweight cotton mesh cap. The top of the mesh cap has an elongated cloth patch housing an adjustable cloth strap, the cap reinforced with brown cotton straps on the exterior. The underside of the mesh cap has a central leather strap lined with chamois, running from the front to the rear, size stamped "58" and stamped "DO7" towards the rear, the manufacturer's label sewn on the chamois at the front, the label inscribed "Netzkopfhaube Gr. / Baumuster L Kp N 101 / Gerät - Nr. 124-452.A-2 / Werk - Nr. - /. / Anf. Z. Ln 26670 / Hersteller / h d c" and size stamped "58". The rear of the helmet has a two-pronged leather strap sewn in place: the shorter strap with a short cable and plug maker marked "BAL GES." and marked "BLK v Fl. 27560", the other strap with a wrap-around adjustable leather neck strap lined with chamois, each side with two Siemens-Halske carbon throat microphones, marked "Mi 4b Ln. 26779-2", along with an adjustable length cloth strap attached to the left end with snap closure, receiving post on the right end, ensuring a snug fit around the neck. Light wear on the chamois, soiling on the fleece on the right earphone, peeling back of the fleece on the outer edge of the left earphone behind the aluminum post. Well-stitched overall, with quality-made, durable parts, near extremely fine.
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