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eMedals-WWII Japanese Type 90 Army Helmet

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WWII Japanese Type 90 Army Helmet

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WWII Japanese Type 90 Army Helmet

WWII Japanese Type 90 Army Helmet - Steel helmet, magnetic, original olive green exterior, five-sided Imperial Army star affixed to the front, original three-panel brown leather liner in place, one at the front and the other two at the left rear and right rear positions, each panel with two tabs at the end, each tab with a hole allowing the original drawstring to be fed through, the right rear panel having experienced "blood rot" that has left the one tab blackened and incomplete, without its drawstring hole, all three padded on the underside with a gauze pad, stitched to a thick brown leather frame that encompasses the inside of the helmet, held in place by a series of metal clips, original full-length cotton chinstrap affixed to the rear of the helmet via a loop and rivet combination, Japanese Kanji size character for "Large" in white on the underside of the skirt at the rear, 238 mm x 280 mm x 160 mm in height. The original paint has experienced chipping and wear, along with some surface rust, the leather has hardened and other than the blood rotted area, remains intact, all parts are original, in fine condition. (C:4)
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