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eMedals-WWII German M30 Gas Mask

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WWII German M30 Gas Mask

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WWII German M30 Gas Mask

WWII German M30 Gas Mask - This is the first style gas mask issued by the Wehrmacht. It is fabricated from a rubberized canvas, the frame in ovine leather, with rubberized seals over the seams and stitched areas. The eyepieces consist of honey-coloured celloloid lenses, with the eyeglass frames in brass and painted gray. The rear of the mask has been fashioned with five adjustable canvas-line elastic straps, one at the top and two on each side, plus a reinforcing leather patch at the junction, to allow for a snug fit against the side and back of the wearer's head, while all the adjustable buckles are metal. The masks were stamped in three sizes in black ink on the temple: "3" (small), "2" (medium, as per this model) and "1" (large). The style of the mask allowed it to be carried, hanging around the neck, ready for immediate use. There are multiple stampings on the inside of the mask. It is stamped in black ink on the rubberized underside lip at the front "AUER" with a large "G" to the right, with additional stampings "557" in black, "470" in black, "670" in blue, "E79" in blue and "399" in black. It is also stamped in black ink "RL1 - 38/3  Vertrieb gemass S 8  Luftschutzgesetz genehmigt" on the temple area between the eyepieces, in additional to being stamped "16078", "41372 A", "520" and "590" surrounding the mouthpiece. When the adjoining wrap around ovine frame is rolled back, it exposes more stampings: "494", "603, a large "2" and "9" and the date "1938" in black, "650" in blue, plus the eagle insigina with "Wa. A. 320" (Waffen Amt = Army's Acceptance Code) in black. The breathing apparatus consists of a "half moon" aperture for inhaling and the orifice covered with a black painted prtoective wire netting for exhaling. There is also a small strap with a buttonhole, which was used to hold the mask vertical and close to the body. The attached steel filter consists of a cotton based layer, mesh screen, and filter carbon with added compounds, measuring 110 mm in diameter x 60 mm in height. The filter's cap is impression stamped "clf Fe" on one side and "FE 41" on the opposite side, along with being stamped "43" above "8429" in black ink opposite the eagle insignia with "Wa. A. 476", also in black (Waffen Amt = Army's Acceptance Code). The designation "FE"= Filter Einsatz (Model), should not be mistaken for "Fe" that sometimes appeared after the manufacture code meaning "Feldfiltereinsatz" (field filter). The mask measures 115 mm x 200 mm x 215 mm overall and exhibits very little wear and contact marks, remaining relatively clean. The accompanying gas mask container (Tragebusche) is fabricated from a good quality sheet steel, lined in aluminum, acting as a kind of soundproofing. It is painted in dark green, the lid hinged via electric welding, as are all the strap holders, a steel stud on the side and emboss stamped "D" on the bottom. The chest strap is fabricated from a vegetable fibre with steel buckles, while the transportation strap tip is cast in rubber, designed to avoid strap wear, maker marked "ebd" (Fatra AG) and stamped "43" below. The underside of the cap contains a 75 mm wide square steel compartment with rounded corners, with a steel clip closure and when opened, exposes a waxed package housing the anti mist lenses, held securely in place with a steel clip. Inside at the bottom, it is lined in white cotton, with a spring above, that held all the accessories stored inside the container, to stop them rattling. This was especially useful in combat so as not to reveal the soldier's position. The container measures 122 mm in diameter x 270 mm in height, exhibiting rusting on one side from storage, in addition to wear on the straps from active use. A terrific, authentic item from the Second World War, in near extremely fine condition.
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