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eMedals-WWII German Civilian Gas Mask - Unissued

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WWII German Civilian Gas Mask - Unissued

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WWII German Civilian Gas Mask - Unissued

WWII Civilian Gas Mask - This unissued gas mask is rubber with rubberized seals over the seams. Both steel framed eyepieces consist of honey-coloured filters, with a flat raised tab over the nose position that inflates and deflates accordingly in the breathing process. It is stamped in white "53" and "WB4101" flanking the eagle insignia to the left of the right eyepiece and "G65" in red to the right of the left eyepiece. The steel disk at the mouth position is embossed "RL1-39/86" on the top and "M" on the bottom and is painted olive green, allowing for attachment of the independent respiratory filter. The rear of the mask has been fashioned with five adjustable, durable rubber straps, one at the top and two on each side, to allow for a snug fit against the side and back of the wearer's head. Inside, there are three more stampings: a large "M" beside "104511" over "18190" and the "WeA. 104" eagle insignia in white on the inside near the right edge, in addition to a red stamping below the right eyepiece and a white stamping between the eyepieces that are only partially legible. Also visible is the multi-layered cotton wrap around the disk at the mouth position, the mask itself measuring approximately 170 mm wide x 200 deep. The independent respiratory filter consists of a cotton based layer, mesh screen, and filter carbon with added compounds, measuring 130 mm in diameter x 60 mm in height. The filter's cap is embossed stamped "RL1" over "38/4" on one side and "5" over "125" on the opposite side, along with being stamped "4686" and "104" flanking the "WeA. 104" eagle insignia in black. Both pieces come in their cardboard box of issue, with die-cut support and the base intact, plus a protective cardboard sleeve over the nose tab but is missing its marked cardboard top. Although there is dirt residue evident from years of storage without its box top, it remains a terrific, authentic item from the Second World War, in extremely fine condition.
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