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eMedals-WWII Daimon Focus Field Lamp

Item: G3984

WWII Daimon Focus Field Lamp

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WWII Daimon Focus Field Lamp

Black metal casing, battery-operated, emboss stamped DAIMON with corporate logo and TELKO TRIO on the front, with dome light shielded by a flip-up lid, two sliding steel knobs on the exterior to change to red or green filters when necessary, smooth leather flaps on the back for hanging from a tunic and coat button, bottom flap folds up for easier storage, 68 mm x 122 mm x 58 mm, quality-made German craftsmanship, all parts original, mint condition. Comes in original three-colour cardboard box of issue, stamped "2213 AV B bl" on top lid, very fine. Footnote: In the 1930s and 1940s, the towns and roads were not as well lit as today, with the inhabitants often immersed in total darkness. Field lamps (torches) designed and issued to the troops were usually fitted with two or three Perspex filters for signalling in red, blue and green, as well as a quick-release button for signalling in Morse code. Some specimens, including the one offered here, had a lid to protect the light down onto the ground, to avoid being seen by the enemy. All of them were fitted with leather flaps for hanging on a tunic and coat button.
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