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eMedals-WWII Croatian Legion Award

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WWII Croatian Legion Award

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WWII Croatian Legion Award

WWII Croatian Legion Award - Commemorative Award/Badge in die stamped aluminum, lacquered center, pin back. Unmarked, although known makers were Zagreb's foundries B. Knaus and ME-BA. In very fine condition; worn on the right pocket of the uniform. Footnote: this badge was awarded to all members of the Croatian Volunteers/Legionary units (Navy, Army, Air Force). Most of these Croatian Volunteer units were involved in the battles on the Eastern Front, in Russia (including Battle for Stalingrad, where the Army units were annihilated), most notably (Kroat) Regiment. Commander of the Regiment was Colonel Markulj; he was replaced by another Croat, Colonel Viktor Pavicic, as regimental Commander. Only a small number of the Officers and NCO's of the regiment were Germans. (Illustrated in D. Littlejohn's Foreign Legion of The Third Reich, V.3, p.189).
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