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eMedals-WWII Caterpillar Club Member Group RAF

Item: GB3219

WWII Caterpillar Club Member Group RAF

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WWII Caterpillar Club Member Group RAF

WWII Caterpillar Club Member Group RAF -  1939-1945 Star; Air Crew Europe Star; and War Medal 1939-1945. Un-mounted, original ribbons, extremely fine. Accompanied by his Royal Air Force Service and Release Book (named to "1479659 W/O N BATEY", with Class of Release noted as "P.O.W.", multiple stamps on the inside back cover under Receipts for Encashment of Postal Drafts, 105 mm x 137 mm); his Caterpillar Club Membership Card (named to "W/O N. BATEY", signed by Leslie Irvin, Honourable Secretary of the European Division of Irvin Parachute Co., address label affixed to the reverse, numbered "01169", laminated, 57 mm x 82 mm); a Caterpillar Club Letter (dated April 19, 1945, addressed to "Mrs. Batey, Newcastle-on-Tyne", 127 mm x 202 mm, fold mark, lightly soiled); his 617 Squadron Aircrew Association Membership Card (named to "N. Batey L 120", laminated, 62 mm x 95 mm); and his Bomber Command Association Membership Card (named to "Norman Batey", numbered "3024", 55 mm x 88 mm).Footnote: 1479659 Warrant Officer Norman Batey, 617 Squadron, Royal Air Force served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve from August 11, 1941 to November 1, 1945. He is credited with having escaped injury by parachuting from his aircraft, as evidenced by the accompanying Caterpillar Club letter. He was taken prisoner by enemy forces and held as a Prisoner of War from December 11, 1943 to May 16, 1945. During this time, it was acknowledged in the aforementioned form letter sent to his wife, dated April 19, 1945, that the Irvin Parachute Co. was very pleased to hear "that he had saved his life with an Irvin chute". They had forward his membership card with the letter, however, it went on to state that "I regret that due to supply restrictions we are not able to order Caterpillar Pins for Prisoners until after the War, but one will be sent as soon as available." One month after receipt of the letter, he was liberated.
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