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eMedals-Croatia. WWII Badge of the German Regiment (Croatian Army)

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Croatia. WWII Badge of the German Regiment (Croatian Army)



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Croatia. WWII Badge of the German Regiment (Croatian Army)

WWII Badge of the German Regiment (Croatian Army) - Aluminum, die stamped and slightly vaulted badge measuring 60mm, lacquered swastika in the center. Unmarked, but known to be made by Zagreb's "Braća Knaus, Zagreb; in extremely fine condition and rare. Footnote: with the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia in 1941 German minority in Croatia (Apx.180,000 strong) enjoyed considerable influence on the Croatian political and military leadership. As a result, local Germans (most of tem living in Slavonia) were allowed to form a distinctive German-speaking Regiment made up entirely of Germans. Officially, these units were an integral part of the "Croatian Home Army" (Domobrani). First such unit was the 1st Company of the 16th Regiment, established in Ruma in 1941. Colonel Johann Strecher was a commanding Officer. In 1942, company was expanded into the 1st Jäger Regiment. This trend continued and three more Regiments were established during 1942. Members of the Regiments wore Croatian Army uniforms, only distinction being this distinctive insignia, so called "German Badge", worn sewn on to upper part of the left sleeve. With establishment of the SS-Division Prinz Eugen in 1943, majority of the Officers and men of these, locally called "German Regiments", were transferred into the new SS-Division. This badge is illustrated in D. Littlejohn's "Foreign Legion of The Third Reich", V.3, p. 232; and "Barac/Pogacic, Croatian Awards" p.90. (please note, photo not provided with the badge, but we can enclose a copy of the photo upon request). 
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