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eMedals-WWI Officer's Orilux Trench Torch

Item: GB3307

WWI Officer's Orilux Trench Torch

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WWI Officer's Orilux Trench Torch

WWI Officer's Orilux Trench Torch - The body of the torch is fabricated from metal, capsule-shaped and covered in a pebbled leather wrap, with a large bull's eye style glass lens on the front, supported by a protruding circular metal frame. The metal top is held in place with screws on either end and has two posts, one with a large adjustable knob, the other side having lost its smaller adjustable knob to time. Between the posts resides a brass plaque on the top held in place via four rivets, maker marked "THE ORILUX / J.H. STEWART Ltd /406, STRAND, / LONDON". The metal bottom has a hinged door held firmly in place with a metal clip. When the clip is released and the door opened, it reveals the housing for the batteries. The contacts on the inside are in excellent condition, while those in the door exhibit surface rust, the torch measuring 58 mm x 86.5 mm x 134 mm in height overall. The accompanying leather carrying case has a basic two-piece construction, the capsule-shaped base and its cap, the cap held in place with a strap stitched on one side, acting a hinge, the cap flipping back when the other strap on the opposite side is released from the metal side post. The front of the cap protrudes outward, to accommodate the bull's eye style lens of the torch. The underside of the cap has a circular piece of cork stitched in place on the opening end, with the two ends separated by a block of wood, the wood with a large laterally drilled hole. The rear of the case has two large vertical belt loops for attachment to a Sam Browne belt, each held firmly in place on the bottom with the same type metal posts as used with the side strap, measuring 68 mm x 105 mm x 152 mm in height. In addition to missing its smaller knob and rust on the contacts on the underside of the cap, the torch has scuffing and contact marks on the large bull's eye style glass lens, along with cracking near the rear seam in the leather on the body, while the leather case exhibits the expected light soiling and cracking in the leather from active use, the stitching of which remains intact, accenting the quality workmanship that went into making it. Very fine. (C:11)
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