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eMedals-WWI Group - Wireman V. Sharman, Shanghai Council

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WWI Group - Wireman V. Sharman, Shanghai Council

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WWI Group - Wireman V. Sharman, Shanghai Council

1914-15 Star (M. 14132, V. SHARMAN, WMN., R.N.); British War and Victory Medals (M. 14132 V. SHARMAN. WMN. 1 R.N.); and Shanghai Municipal Council For Services Rendered Medal (bronze, 39 mm). Naming is officially impressed on three WWI medals, extremely fine. Also included is a duotang folder with his military biography, a copy of his service record and one ship photograph. Footnote: Victor Sharman was born on July 17, 1896 in Brighton, Sussex, England. He joined the Royal Navy on July 7, 1915, just shy of his nineteenth birthday, a Wireman 2nd Class, beginning his naval career with H.M.S. Vernon, the Torpedo School Ship in Portsmouth. Three days later, on July 10, he was with H.M.S. Victory II, the Naval Base and Depot, also in Portsmouth. His only ship was the H.M.S. Minotaur, joining her on September 4, 1915, an armoured cruiser, which was a part of the 7th Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet and later the 2nd Cruiser Squadron, also of the Grand Fleet. The Minotaur was present at the Battle of Jutland but did not play any major role in that battle. While on the Minotaur, he achieved the rank of Wireman 1st Class on July 1, 1917. The rank of Wireman was a special one, given to men who volunteered for "hostilities only". They were electricians, who on joining, were assigned to the Armourers Crew. They would, therefore, be working on the elctrical curcuits on the guns. This rank was known only during World Wars I and II. A comparable rate for the regular Royal Navy would be that of Electrical Artificer. In addition to the WWI trio, he was awarded the Shanghai Municipal Medal For Service Rendered, for employees of the municipality, Police and Members of the Shanghai Volunteer Force for their work during the invasion of China by the Japanese between August 12 and November 12, 1937. Sharman was demobilized on February 26, 1919. (BGR230)
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