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eMedals-WWI "Butcher" Bayonet to the 4th Company

Item: G9279

WWI "Butcher" Bayonet to the 4th Company

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WWI "Butcher" Bayonet to the 4th Company

WWI German Butcher Bayonet 1915 - This bayonet features a 365 mm long steel blade, with a dull edge and sharp tip, the blade itself exhibiting light contact marks and scratches from active usage, plus extraction and return to the scabbard, full-length fuller on both sides, maker marked "SIMSON & Co SUHL" on the ricasso, marked with the Imperial crown above a "W" (Wilhelm II), date marked "15" (1915), marked with a crown above an "RC" and a crown above a large "M" on the blade spine near the ricasso, marked with a large "M" on the top of the heavy steel crossguard near the blade, the crossguard with quillon, wooden plates embedded onto either side of the handle and held in place via rivets and central pins, dual maker marked with a crown above a large "M" flanking a crown above an "RC" on the side of the pommel, weighing 560 grams, 73 mm x 500 mm overall. Accompanied by its dark brown metal scabbard, magnetic, with frog stud, metal locket at the blade entry end maker marked with a crown above an "E", ball finial, attached to a supple black leather frog, period Troddel denoting the 4th company, tied in the appropriate fashion to the frog, with heavy, durable, quality stitching, the scabbard and frog weighing 398 grams, 67 mm x 510 mm. Both items exhibiting light marks from active use, surface wear, a slight split, and moderate denting evident on the scabbard, the blade has been cleaned, leather of the frog remains supple. A terrific WWI collectible, in better than very fine condition.
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