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eMedals-WWI Austrian Veteran's Wooden Cigarette Case

Item: EU5456

WWI Austrian Veteran's Wooden Cigarette Case

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WWI Austrian Veteran's Wooden Cigarette Case

WWI Veteran's Wooden Cigarette Case - Polished wooden case with a reinforcing metal frame running along all four sides, lid lifts up to expose a finely crafted interior, lid with a bronze commemorative medal with left-facing busts of Franz Joseph of Austria and Wilhelm II of Germany in the centre, surrounded by six silvered or enamelled insignia (regimental mark, two headed eagle with 1914, two-headed eagle with ribbon banner inscribed "GOTT STRAFE ENGLAND" (God Punish England), flag incorporating the colours of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire, an Austro-Hungarian banner with 1914, and an edelweiss), 80 mm x 102.5 mm x 19 mm, metal plate attached to the rear to reinforce the a crack that runs the full width of the case from active use, better than very fine.
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