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eMedals-WII USAAF 15th Air Force Sleeve Insignia

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WII USAAF 15th Air Force Sleeve Insignia

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WII USAAF 15th Air Force Sleeve Insignia

WII USAAF 15th Air Force Sleeve Insignia - Silver and gold bullion with a red embroidered dot in the star, on an ultramarine wool background, very crisp colours, quality stitching, 65 mm, extremely fine. Footnote: The Fifteenth Air Force was established on November 1, 1943 in Tunis, Tunisia as part of the United States Army Air Force in the World War II Mediterraenean Theatre of Operations as a strategic air force and commenced combat operations the day after it was formed. The first commander was General Jimmy Doolittle. The 15th Air Force was flying missions out of Foggia, Italy, beginning on November 2, 1943.  The 15th consisted of several bomb groups and a multitude of squadrons. The Second Bomb Group was a principle player in the fortunes of the 15th Air Force having already served in Algeria, Tunisia in Northern Africa. It arrived at Amendola, Foggia, Italy on December 10, 1943. The last ground battle of the war was launched by the Fifteenth Air Force from the air. An offensive performance described by Field Marshal Alexander as the "Last Battle to End the War" was held April 9-18, 1945. A bombardment by 1,233 heavy bombers of the Fifteenth Air Force saturated the German defences by dropping nearly 25,000 bombs within five miles of Allied Forces. This bombing allowed the U.S. Fifth Army and the British Eighth Army to penetrate into Northern Italy. 
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