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eMedals-Wehrmacht Group to Oberleutnant Rautenberg

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Wehrmacht Group to Oberleutnant Rautenberg

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Wehrmacht Group to Oberleutnant Rautenberg

Wehrmacht Group to Oberleutnant Rautenberg - Lot to an Wehrmacht Oberleutnant Rolf Rautenberg, served in Norway during 1940-41 Campaign, and later on Russian Front, 1942-44, as an Officer in I./G.R. 151; lot consisting of photo album, Soldbuch, Award Documents, Passport, documents, Mein Kampf, and more: Photo album, approximately 220 very good photos, all well captioned, including photos of: barracks, training, c.1939/40; Norway campaign, Narvik, photos of graves, equipment; Oslo, 1940/41; photos aboard landing/transport ships; Narvik 1941/42; Officer’s School, April 1942; Russian Front, 1942-1944, as member of G.R. 151; scenes of Russian Front, crossing of rivers, destruction, daily life in forest, towns; photo of KC winner Major H. Krüger, G.R.151, with dedication on reverse, signed; photos of Officer’s, daily routines and hardship, all well captioned; excellent photo album. Soldbuch, with uniform photo, full of entries, on page 22 awards entered: Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, Infantry Badge/Silver, wound badge/black; Soldbuch showing age and wear, in good condition. Award documents for Iron Cross 1st class (5. March 1944); Award documents for Wound Badge in Silver (8. November 1944). His Passport, showing he visitied England in 1937; Main Kampf, with his name (stamped); his portrait photo; his student booklet and University pass, Bonn 1935, both with good HJ uniform photos; document listing several close combat days, all on Russian Front; plus another lot of letters/documents (approximately 30) mostly relating to his student days and military service, 1930-1944. Nice comprehensive lot to a long serving Wehrmacht Officer.  
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