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eMedals-Ustasha Black Legion Badge

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Ustasha Black Legion Badge

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Ustasha Black Legion Badge

Ustasha Black Legion Badge - Badge in zinc, lacquered in black, blue and red, 48mm(w) x 52mm(h), pin back, unmarked (sole maker was Braca Knaus, Zagreb), in near mint condition; one of the most rarest and most desirable WWII Croatian badges; awarded to the members of the Black Legion. Footnote: the Black Legion (Crna Legija) was an Ustaše militia infantry unit active during World War II, and later incorporated into the 5th division of the Croatian Armed Forces in December 1944. The legion was formed in September 1941, in Sarajevo, as the 1st Ustaša Regiment. It consisted largely of Muslim and Croatian refugees from eastern Bosnia; legion's commanders were initially Colonel Jure Francetić, and later Major Rafael Boban. Black Legion, a relatively small unit consisting of 1000-2000 men, became known for its fierce fighting against the Chetniks and the Partisans, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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