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  • United Kingdom. The V.C. - Its Heroes and Their Valour
  • United Kingdom. The V.C. - Its Heroes and Their Valour
  • United Kingdom. The V.C. - Its Heroes and Their Valour

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United Kingdom. The V.C. - Its Heroes and Their Valour



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United Kingdom. The V.C. - Its Heroes and Their Valour

Hardcover, black cloth cover, entitled "The V.C. - Its Heroes and Their Valour - From Personal Accounts, Official Records and Regimental Tradition" by D.H. Parry, author of "The Death of Glory Boys - The Story of 17th Lancers, etc.", with eight illustrations by Stanley L.Wood, new and enlarged edition, published by Cassell and Company, Ltd. of London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne in 1913, with the notation "This work was first published in 1895 under the title of "Britain's Roll of Glory" ". The inside front cover has a Bracebridge Free Library label and two stamps in blue ink. It begins with a Preface, followed by a List of Contents, a List of Illustrations, a List of Victoria Cross Campaigns and Actions, an Introduction and is divided into forty-two chapters: I - The Crimean War; II - The Alma Crosses of the Welsh Regiments; III - The V.C. Heroes of the Balaclava Charges, 25th October, 1854; IV - The Gallant Guardsmen in the Crimea; V - Our Bold Bluejackets and Royal Marines; VI - In the Dead of Night!; VII - The Silent Heroes - The Royal Engineers; VIII - The Gallant Gunners in the Crimea; IX - The Tale of the Trenches; X - The First Presentation of the Cross to the Crimean Heroes by Her Majesty the Queen, Friday, June 26th, 1857; XI - On to the Bayonets! - Our Little Persian War; XII - The Indian Mutiny; XIII - How they Blew Up the Delhi Magazine; XIV - Our Gallant Gunners in India; XV - Kolapore Kerr - An Exciting Incident; XVI - A Charmed Life; XVII - The Cashmere Gate, and What they Did There; XVIII - The Lucknow Crosses of the Ross-shire Buffs, and the Heroes of "Shoolie Square!"; XIX - Lucknow Kavanagh; XX - Peel's Bluejackets, and the 93rd Highlanders; XXI - A Lancer's Story; XXII - Some Cavalry Crosses Won in the Mutiny, and the Story of the 7th Hussars; XXIII - Pluck!; XXIV - A Short Outline of the War in New Zealand, and the Story of some Crosses Won there in the Bush and the Pahs; XXV - A Chapter of Incidents, in Action and Out; XXVI - Some V.C. Men of the Afghan War; XXVII - The War in Zululand and the V.C. - The Dash with the Colour; XXVIII - How they Won their Crosses at Rorke's Drift, Ulundi, etc.; XXIX - Majuba Hill; XXX - In the Desert Sand; XXXI - Surgeon Crimmin's Cross - and the Hero of Manipur; XXXII - The V.C. Hero of Chitral; XXXIII - Valour on the Veldt; XXXIV - Well Won! - North-West Frontier of India; XXXV - Dargai Heights and Mamund Valley; XXXVI - With Kitchener to Khartum; XXXVII - The Boer War, 1899-1902 - The Guns at Colenso and Sanna's Post; XXXVIII - The Boer War - "Horse, Foot, Dragoons"; XXXIX - The Boer War and its Colonial Crosses; XL - Ashanti and the Relief of the Cinese Legations, 1910; XLI - In the Land of the Mad Mullah, 1902-3; XLII - Nigeria and Thibet, 1903. It concludes with Royal Warrants, an Alphabetical List of all the Recipients of the V.C., their Ranks and Regiments, and the Particular Act of Bravery by which it was Won, and a List of Victoria Cross Regiments and Corps. The book contains 536 pages of text, printed in black ink on an off-white paper stock, with seven black and white plates on a semi-coated paper stock inserted, gold leaf on the top edges of the pages, measuring 135 mm (w) x 205 mm (h) x 58 mm (d). It exhibits wear on the cover, with separation on both sides of the spine exposing the underlying mesh support, soiling on the edges of the pages and on some the pages within, however, the text of the book itself remains legible throughout. Fair.


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