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eMedals-The SS Dagger of Unterscharführer Otto Späth

Item: G12094

The SS Dagger of Unterscharführer Otto Späth

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The SS Dagger of Unterscharführer Otto Späth

The SS Dagger of Unterscharführer Otto Späth - An quality early dagger by GOTTLIEB HAMMESFAHR SOLINGEN-FOCHE, prominant ompany's pyramid insignia on the ricasso. Solid nickel fittings, exhibiting usual wear with the number 257134 impressed.  The ebony coloured grip, shows usual period wear with no chipping or cracking. The sigrune button is original to this dagger. The eagle in the grip has a pleasing tone.  The blade is beautifully etched and clear and  exhibits strong crossgrains and the majority of wear that is present, is from simply the insertion and with drawl of the blade into the scabbard.  The tip is rounded from contact. The blade rates at better than extremely fine. The cross guard is bench marked 'III'.  The painted scabbard finish is fine showing usual wear. With original worn hanger. Overall, near extremely fine. Comes with extensive research; copies of original primary sources. Footnote: Otto Späth was born on March 9, 1918 in Heilbronn, Germany. He was with the Hitler Youth (October 1933 - November 1934) before he applied to join the SS in November 1934, at the age of 16. He was single and planning to marry upon his admission and stated his profession as "Kaufmann" (Buyer). 257 134 Otto Späth served from November 1934 - 1936 with Sturm 12/ 13. SS-Standarte and from 1937 on with Sturm 8/ 81. SS-Standarte), finishing his career in the SS with the rank of "Unterscharführer" (Junior Squad Leader). In addition, he was awarded the SA Sports Badge in Bronze and the Reich Sport Badge.
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