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eMedals-The Private Belongings of C.W.Johnson

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The Private Belongings of C.W.Johnson

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The Private Belongings of C.W.Johnson

The Private Belongings of C.W.Johnson -The items eMedals has been offering are souvenirs from Dachau acquired by US Army NCO C.H. Johnson - This is the collection of personal items that accompanied the Dachau collection. Photocopy of his US Army Camp Dachau Identification Card (Nr.8063) will be accompanied with this item. Includes his Battledress Jacket ("Blouse", olive green khaki wool, blue and yellow embroidered Combined Operations patch on the right shoulder, four-colour embroidered Tank Destroyer patch on the left shoulder, U.S. Army Collar Insignias and Indomitable Rhino Insignias on both collars, the front with two pockets, one on each breast which have decorative straps giving them a pleated-look with brown plastic buttons at the top, each pocket with a fold over flap and when lifted up, exposes a reinforced buttonhole, when the buttons are fastened, they remain invisible to the eye, covered by the flaps, four individual ribbon bars above the left breast pocket (World War II Victory Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with two bronze stars, American Campaign Medal), the front with a vertical row of five brown plastic buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left, similarly covered by a full-length flap, again remaining invisible to the eye, the waistline at the front with a strap on the left side, and when attached to the snap on the right side, ensures a snug fit at the waist, adjustable straps with buckles on both sides at the waist, both sleeves have button down cuffs with brown plastic buttons, left forearm sleeve with One Year Overseas Service Stripes and Large One Stripe Service Stripe, inside lined in olive green rayon with pockets at the breast on both sides, named on the collar "C.W. JOHNSON 35681347" with size label "34R" (34 Regular) and strap at the collar for hanging on a hook, measuring 460 mm across the shoulders and 615 mm in length overall, extremely fine), his Shirt (olive green khaki wool-cotton blend, the front with two pockets, one on each breast wit small brown plastic buttons, the front with a vertical row of seven small brown plastic buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left, single button down sleeves, label inside inscribed "Phila. Quartermaster Depot", measuring 46 mm across the shoulders and 850 mm in length), his Tie (khaki brown wool-cotton blend, 72 mm x 1,105 mm), one Enamelled Army Good Conduct Ribbon Bar (3.8 mm x 17.2 mm, buttonhole attachment), one WWII Veteran's Service Lapel Honorable Discharge "Ruptured Duck" Pin (bronze, 12 mm x 16.7 mm, buttonhole attachment), his four Dog Tags on Chain (die-stamped aluminum, two stamped "CHARLES W. JOHNSON / 35681347 T43 O / MIRIAM S, JOHNSON / BOX 51, / GOSHEN, O.", the other two stamped "JOHNSON, CHARLES W. / 35681347 T43-43 O", with Polish One Grosz coin on the chain), his Indomitable Side Cap (grayish-brown wool, light blue cord piping, Indomitable Rhino enamelled insignia on the left side, label marked "7 1/8, ALPINE CAP CO., 100 % Virgin Wool" on the label, 120 mm x 280 mm), his Veterans of Foreign Wars Side Cap (olive green khaki wool, yellow piping, embroidered VFW insignia, numbered "9620" and marked "GOSHEN OHIO" on the right and left sides, respectively, sized "7 1/8" on the label, 130 mm x 290 mm), a Framed Photograph of Johnson in Uniform (black and white, 127 mm x 176 mm, in a 163 mm x 214 mm frame), his Separation Qualification Record Document, his Honourable Discharge Certificate (right thumb fingerprint marked, signed and dated January 6, 1946 at Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, Pennsylvania, a Western Union Telegram (from Johnson to his wife, informing her of his arrival in the U.S., dated January 2, 1946), his Soldier's Individual Pay Record, his Teamsters Membership Dues Card, a IRTS I Am A Doughboy Booklet, a Camp Kilmer Orientation Booklet, a 20th Corps Tours & Hotels Brochure, a No. 2 Here It Is: The Army's Tour For You "Munich and the Bavarian Highlands" Brochure, one A Hand Book for the Veteran of World War II Brochure, a U.S.S. Monticello Christmas Dinner at Sea: North Atlantic Ocean Menu 1945, an Armed Forces Thank You Letter from the White House named to "CHARLES W. JOHNSON", in leather folder), a Crucifix, his New Testament (named on the inside cover to "Charles W. Johnson", his Funeral Home Memorial Visitation Booklet (leather-bound, with multiple signatures, boxed), an Army Cap Badge (two-piece construction, brass, 39 mm), a Tank Destroyer Patch (four-colour embroidery, 73 mm), an Army Air Force Patch (four-colour embroidery, 65 mm), a 1st Army Air Force Patch (four-colour embroidery, 58 mm x 68 mm), three 2nd Army Air Force Patches (four-colour embroidery, 58 mm x 63 mm each), seven Issues of "The Tiger Rag" from 1945, one Issue of "Stars and Stripes" (dated June 11, 1945), one Dayton Herald (dated August 14, 1945, declaring "WAR OVER!"), one Birthday Greeting Postcard (postmarked February 4, 1916 at Norwood, Ohio), a Toy Tank Bank (silvered medal, slot in the top, trap door bottom, 55 mm x 100 mm x 47 mm in height), one Knife with Ivory Handle and Leather Scabbard, one Pocket Knife, an Ulm Minster Lutheran Church Souvenir Miniature (die-cast metal, 42 mm x 100 mm x 120 mm in height), one Large Wallet, one Cavalry Spur, three Watches, two Rings (one cased), one Cufflink, two Chains, one Two-Sided Mirror with Rhineland Scene Imaged on the Reverse, one Pocket Grooming Kit (with comb, mirror, two nail cleaners, in pocket travel folder), a photocopy of his Camp Dachau Personnel Card (numbered "8063"), plus assorted Personal Photographs, along with Travel Point-of-Purchase Photographs and other papers.  
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