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eMedals-The Awards & Flugbuch of Unteroffizier Frowein; Stalingrad Evacuation Pilot

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The Awards & Flugbuch of Unteroffizier Frowein; Stalingrad Evacuation Pilot

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The Awards & Flugbuch of Unteroffizier Frowein; Stalingrad Evacuation Pilot

Group of Awards, Documents, 3 Flugbuch to a Luftwaffe Unteroffizier in 3./Kampfgruppe z.b.V.9, who flew on variety of aircrafts (mostly W-34, Fw-58, JU-52), and amassed (documented) total of at least 823 flights, many of them on combat missions: Iron cross 2Nd. Cl., with award document dated 2. 6. 1942, signature of Generaloberst; Iron Cross 1st.Cl. (pin missing), with award document dated 1. 4. 1943, signed General der Flieger; Black wound badge, with award document, dated 8.5.1942; East Medal 1941/42, with award document dated 5.9.1942; Transport Squadron Clasp for Transport Pilots, gold grade, in gilded/silvered tombac, unmarked, good quality early issue, very fine, with award document dated 25.10.1943, signed by Generalmajor; Flugbuch 1 covers flights 1 (2.9.1935) to 278 (29.9.1937); Flugbuch 2 covers flights 279 (1.10.1937) to 583 (12.12.1940); Flugbuch 3 covers flights 584 (9.1.1941) to 823 (23.12.1941). Grouping also includes few handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, all this contained within period leather bag, presumably belonging to this Unteroffizier; awards and documents in generally fine to very fine condition. Footnote: This Transport Group was formed in August 1939 in East Prussia with the purpose of transporting troops and weapons to the area of deployment. Their first operation was flying cargo into Poland behind the main invasion force. They were then involved in transporting flak to support the invasion of Denmark. The third and latest of his Flugbuchs refer to mission flown to and from France following the German occupation of that country. From there his group was involved in bringing supplies to the forward airbases to support the offensive against Britain. In 1942 the group was attached to the 8th Fliegerkorps and assigned with supporting the attack on Moscow. It was around this time that his Wound Badge and Iron Cross II. Class were earned. This was also when he was issued his Eastern Front Medal. His group was then charged with the dangerous mission of evacuating troops from the Demyansk Pocket south of Leningrad. Later in the year the group was moved south to support the attack on Stalingrad. As the attack wore on they were flying a maximum number of missions to support the German 6th Army. The squadron suffered serious losses because of poor conditions and Soviet air defence. In 1943 they were designated I./TG 3, aerial transport squadron, and were dedicated to the eastern front, including a daring evacuation of 6th Army troops from Stalingrad, until the end of the war.
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