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eMedals-The Army Soldbuch of Korke; Battle of Kursk

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The Army Soldbuch of Korke; Battle of Kursk

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The Army Soldbuch of Korke; Battle of Kursk

The Army Soldbuch of Korke; Battle of Kursk -  24 pages, in worn condition. Footnote: Korke was born on January 4th, 1913 in Tonnenheide, in the region of Lübbecke, Westphalia. He identified as protestant, and prior to the war was an unmarried farmer. He stood at 165 cm tall, stocky build, with a round face, blond hair and blue eyes. The Soldbuch was issued and stamped at the Lübbecke Military Command Office on the 15th of September 15th, 1939.  At an unspecified date he was put on a list to receive a personal gift from the Fuhrer, which consisted of vouchers for various food items. On July 20th, 1942 he received the Eastern Front Medal. In the following year he was awarded the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords.On September 1st, 1940, he was promoted from Kanonier of the 186th Artillery Regiment to Oberkanonier. On April 1st 1941 he was made a Gefreiter, and the following year he was made Obergefreiter. On July 1st, 1944 he was promoted to Gefreiter of the Staff Company, all while serving in the same unit. It formed part of the 86th Division in Army group Centre, and was engaged in the Battle of Kursk in 1943; likely when the War Merit Cross was awarded.On May 9th, 1945 he was hospitalized for a bullet wound.  
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