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eMedals-Superb Document Group of KC Winner Metzler

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Superb Document Group of KC Winner Metzler

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Superb Document Group of KC Winner Metzler

Fine Photos and Photo album Group of KC Winner Metzler -From the estate of U-Boot Commander (U-69 and U-847) and Knight Cross Winner Jost Metzler, his personal handwritten booklet, U-69 Photo album, and a large collection of superb photos: Metzler’s personal handwritten booklet, 17x21cm, approximately 50 pages, it contains many written pages, briefly: a Metzler’s personal journal spanning the dates of a “first trip” or travels from February to November, 1926.  The back page indicates destinations and travel routes of his voyages, including Cape Horn and a final return to Hamburg.  The bulk of the notebook appears to be a collection of personal observations, anecdotes, and lyrics.  Lyrics include a “Heimatlied der Frieren” (Homesong of the Cold), and two British folk songs written in poor English, “Rolling Home,” and “A-Rovin.”  U-69 Booklet/Photo album: Booklet starts with list of Commanding Officers and dates of operation (19.9.1940.-2 .11.1940; followed by photos of the construction of U-69, together with short history of WWI UB-69; photos of Officers; photos of U-69 and crew; plus loose excellent large photos of U-69 and crew. Photos (lot 1): 11 large photos (11x16cm aprox.)and three smaller photos (8x12cm aprox.) of Submarine crew, Officers, loading of the supplies aboard U-Boot, some photos captioned on obverse, dated 1941; Photos (lot 2): 17 medium and smaller size photos (aprox. 10x14cm), most of Jost Metzler, with Officers, fellow crewmen, with another KC winner, and few with his family; Photos (lot 3): 26 medium and smaller size photos (mostly 8x10cm), of U-Boot and crew, various ships; Photos (lot 4): 26 medium size photos (mostly 9x12cm), an excellent selection of U-Boot Commanders (14), and KC Winners (12), most of them identified; Photos (lot 5): large photo (23x18cm – of U-69 arriving at the port, with “laughing cow” nicely visible); 4 large photos (18x12cm, U-Boot scenes); 37 medium  sized photos (mostly 8x11cm), and 13 smaller photos (8x7cm aprox.), of U-Boot crew, Officers, fellow Kriegsmarine officer’s and men, daily routines abroad U-Boot – mostly very good photos.   
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