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eMedals-Sudetenland Annexation Appreciation Postcard

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Sudetenland Annexation Appreciation Postcard

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Sudetenland Annexation Appreciation Postcard

Sudetenland Annexation Appreciation Postcard - Illustrating a drop-shadowed map of Sudetenland with twenty-eight cities and towns identified, a black and white photograph in the centre of the map illustrating German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Konrad Henlein, the Leader of the Sudeten German Party (SdP = a branch of the Nazi Party of Germany in Czechoslovakia), greeting a crowd of people, the map of Sudetenland surrounded by various cities in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland, with the heading "WIR DANKEN UNSERM FUHRER" (We Thank Our Leader) below on the obverse, a 6 Reichspfennig stamp with black overprint, "zum 1. Mai Grossdeutscheland " (May 1, Large Germany) to the left of the stamp and address patch on the reverse, printed in four colour ink with gold speckles on the Sudetenland map on the obverse, green and black inks on the reverse, printed by Brend'amour, Simbart & Company, Munich, 105 mm x 148 mm, mint.  Footnote: The Sudetenland is the German name (used in English in the first half of the 20th century) to refer to those northern, southwest, and western areas of Czechoslovakia, which were inhabited mostly by German speaking peoples, specifically the border districts of Bohemia, Moravia, and those parts of Silesia located within Czechoslovakia. A proposed 1938 referendum to show what proportion of the Sudetenland's residents would claim a German ethnic background did not take place, following Adolf Hitler's demands at the Munich Agreement. The Sudetenland was relegated to Germany between October 1 and October 10, 1938. The Czech part of Czechoslovakia was subsequently invaded by Germany in March 1939, with a portion being annexed and the remainder turned into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The Slovak part declared its independence from Czechoslovakia, becoming the Slovak Republic (Slovak State), a satellite state and ally of Nazi Germany.
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