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J0621: Jewellery, Coins, Watches & Antiquities

J0621: Jewellery, Coins, Watches & Antiquities

Having diligently worked alongside Canadian partner companies within the jewellery industry for many years, eMedals is pleased to introduce and host its inaugural Jewellery, Watches, & Antiquities Department auction beginning Monday, June 7th, 2021. This new department has carefully curated a fine selection of estate jewellery, watches, coins, and antique silver treasures reflecting a wealth of styles and eras.

Historically, jewellery is one of the earliest human artifacts. Today, it is difficult to imagine the existence of hundreds of years of military decorations without those first impulses of humanity thousands of years ago to adorn themselves with precious objects. Jewellery and other luxury collectibles have long since represented a desire to display not only the affluence of their owners, but the aesthetic values and trends of the society for which they were designed.

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